Newly Separated

I had been working out of town on third shift all week, the first time ever for my job. I noticed he was rather short on the phone or didn't answer the texts. When I arrived home on Friday, he quickly left the house with some excuse that he had errands to run. When he returned I had gone to bed having worked the night before. I assume he went to work at 2 PM. He didn't come home from work that night. The next day, he said it was over and he didn't want me to live there anymore. He was tired of taking care of me. That I was a child, lazy, slept all the time, and a wet blanket. I became throughly baffled. We had been doing good (I'll admit not great). We had taken family portraits at the church 2 weeks prior and 3 weeks prior were pricing new furniture for the bedroom and living room. I borrowed $100 from my father-in-law since I don't have access to the checking account, packed up the clothes I had worked in all week, my two dogs, and drove 10 hours to Kentucky. Luckily, my job was able to transfer me. I still can't get him to talk about the separation or talk period. He's called to ask about the dogs once. I am currently staying with my mom and grandfather, but I don't know if this is a permanent state of mind or a temporary "vacation". I feel stuck, hurt, and angry. My only conversation to date was today when I asked for him to wire the majority of my last paycheck so I can get dog food, clothes, gas, and other necessities. He said he had to go to work and would try to do it tomorrow. I asked him if I was still going on the Costa Rica trip the end of next month (something we had saved for the past year). He said no and became angry when asked if I could get the money back then for the trip. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to feel.  We've been married for 12 years.  I've been through him being in the military, deployments, having cancer, not having a job, etc...
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Aww poor you, I wish I knew why people behave this way and are so cruel with it. It is horrible and so wrong when you love someone so much. Hope things work out for you, what you are goung through is unimaginable. Dizznee