I Reached Out To My Wise Grandfather Last Night.

I E-Mail my papa telling him my soul, body, and mind was tired from my wife, work, and everything going on right now. He E-Mailed me back with this info and I think it should be shared to more than just me. Here it is.

That's right, (the writer without a book), you are just tired! And when you get tired you always have to fight depression, so just try to get all the rest you can, and then remember that with hard work, long hours, and disappointments, you are in a normal situation that will pass, and that you must just hunker down and do it! You are doing the right thing, and you just have to wait till it works. Just suck up your guts, take a deep breath, smile and say, "It can't get much worse, but it's gotta get better.!" And it will. Be patient with yourself, with your family, with your job, and with life in general. It will pay off. You've got a Papa who loves you, understands what you are going through, and appreciates that you are doing the right thing...so he is praying that the Lord will help you continue doing the right, even though the battle still goes on. At this moment in time you have lots of people who love and care about you, you still have your family together, you have a job, and you have your health, mind, and God. So You have got it made. Love you muchly, Papa

I guess I am on lucky guy.
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Very touching...thanks for sharing something so personal.

Thank you for Sharing that

That was so dear....I'm envious of the man your Grandfather is. His love and support for you is obvious. That just plain made me smile....Thanks, and you are right....that needed to be shared.