Lost Lost Lost

OMG I kicked my husband out on 20th July after finding out he was having an affair with so called friend, I dont know how long this went on for but he said only March, this is the second time (I know of) in the past 18 together but, the first one went on for 7 yes 7 years he moved this woman up from London and set up home with her about 25 miles from our home and he was running 2 lives, when I found out he gave his undying love to me and I believed him, said he wanted to commit to me so about 12 months later we got married, we have been married now for almost 8 years and he did it again + he stole my credit card and spent 8 grand (my card my responsibility) he is at the moment paying it off, dont know how long that will last for though.

My problem is I still love him but I really dont like him as he said he wanted more!! I had become disabled since we got married but he knew that was happening, I suppose I cant do the walks with him hand in hand now though is that what wanting more meant. I still meet with him as he stole my lovley dog from me and he brings her to me and we sit and talk but he says hes made such a hash of it that he cant come back, hurt to many people, so hes living his life with his new woman (hes 66 by the way) in a rented bungalow in the middle of nowhere and cant come to where I live as too many people know and are disgusted with him. He (I think) wanted to keep us both!! Sorry that cant be, she has not left her husband yet as hes had an opperation which went wrong so the dutiful wife is staying till hes a little better. I hate him but love him and I am lost so lost.
Sophiebass Sophiebass
Aug 29, 2012