I Am 34 Years Old And Single Again After Being Married For 8 Years...

this sounds odd... I often feel lost because now I am on my own, as before I was used to do "couples stuff". I find myself alone and not sure sometimes, we never had kids and for that I am thankful... I have already a history posted in the affair section here in the E.P which explains why i left, So besides my ex have cheated on me and be a complete Jerk, I think I am doing fine, actually I think I am better off, sometimes I keep regurgitating the past and that still makes me angry, when I remember all his stupid lies and how he treated me during this time errrrr.... I just found out that He now joined a gym, he who was more like a couch potato, and would tell me he could not go to the gym with me because he was either too tired or would not have time because his work... I guess he is trying to get in shape and meet new woman... for for these ones I already feel sorry...
I am moving on with life, busy with my work, my school , don't have much time to go out and do fun stuff and that is what sucks, but I am graduating in May, then life will get better ... maybe I gonna do one of these cruises for singles... errrrr dunno it may be fun ;-)
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Hi im just recently separated, 37yo, no kids.We were married for 10 years. He told me he didn’t love me anymore. We get on so well together though. We are really great friends. We went to therapy for 8 weeks: even the therapist thought we didnt need it anymore as we were going to be ok. But something is missing for him. Im devastated. I don’t what it is but he doesn’t want to be with me anymore.
So I had to go and look for a new place to stay, take the dog (whom is the real love of my life) and move out.
So today I have settlement on my new place. I’ve been staying at his place for a month after selling our house.
I feel alone sometimes, I feel mentally fragile, I feel stuck and without a reason to live. After being together for 10 years, it’s that “couple’s life” I miss – being together 24/7 and knowing we had each other’s back.
And now everything is just gone. Im currently reading “getting past your break up” which is a REALLY great book, I highly recommend it.

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I understand gping through same thing however all i want is a chance to right my wrongs and show my wife how special to me she truely is

Sounds similar to me. Although we have a three year old daughter that I love with everything in me. All of the surroundings remind me of him. All the activities we did remind me of him. All the things that he now does but never wanted to do with me bug the crap out of me :-) I just keep telling myself, it's going to get better, it HAS to :-)

Feeling the same hurt and loneliness, the only difference is I'm the one that walked out but know realize I have made the biggest mistake of my life. Have already done the whole needy email please..please..please thing and have now pushed her so far away that now there is no contact of any sort. So maybe your husband is feeling like me and the gym is just another thing to keep his mind off of you. Personally i can not get my mind off of my ex...been three months plus now.

Same here Devilwife- 8 years, 33 yrs old, no affair on his side just a mean mil whom wanted her son back. Add to that his inability to be physical and he didn't want to go to drs for that....anyways he is now also going to the gym for wife no2 whilst I am fearful of meeting someone else if I ever will

Like u I have good days and bad days- but u must stay positive, now it's only u who chooses what life will be like moving forward...

Best of luck

hope you find true happyness

Sounds like me. Same age, same length of marriage. Ended for different reasons though. But i know what you mean. The loneliness makes me think of the good times and then i have to about punch myself in the nose to remind myself what she did and how she is. Its definitely good that you feel you are better off and that you are doing fine. That usually means you are. Is it a rule that you have to go on single's cruises by yourself? ha ha

I wish you a joyful n happy life without ur adulterous husband enjoy ur single life n hope u find a husband who will respect u n ur children