When Will I Feel Better?

It's been almost 4 months since I left my husband of 21 years & I would like to know how long I will feel so lonely & depressed. Today I cried most of the day, I just can't seem to get over this.
I never thought I would be alone at 47 & having to start over with no husband, no job & no home. Oh, forgot to mention no friends either, they all felt sorry for him because I left him & broke his heart, they don't have any idea about my reasons for leaving.
He wrecked our life & I still love him, but I know I can never go back no matter how much I miss him.
sadheartinoz sadheartinoz
46-50, F
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Fear of being alone jobless no home n so on will terrify most ppl it's time u get strong confident n search for job if u have not started tat n I believe u'll find a good husband to love u respect u care for u n fulfill ur desires n do reach out to God

A marriage breakup is tough. I've been where you are and the not having a job or a home part was too much for me so I went back, got a job, hoped the relationship would improve but it didn't, arranged a home for myself and then left again.
I still found it very tough emotionally the second time round, but it was a lot easier not having the other practical matters to grind me down as well.
It got easier as my new life flourished and I made new friends and built some financial security for myself.
Take things step by step. As you build your new life the pain will lessen.
p.s. I still loved the man I left also and that was the hardest part.

Thanks very much for your kind words

You are very welcome and you are never alone. There are always many others going through the same as yourself and the internet can link you to them for support when you need it. Take heart and go easy on yourself. Cry when you feel the need to cry, but also set yourself little goals to acheive on your road to independence and happiness and you will get there.