Alone But Happy

Alone but happy is the only way I can describe how I feel. Even though there are many emotions that run through my mind. I know i've done the right thing. I've been living in an unhealthy marriage that just wore me down and took away who I am and I let it happen for so long. I feel sad because i'm away from my boys but I hope they eventually come to understand that it had nothing to do with them. We talked to them but they are still small. I see them and we try to stay civil for them also. As far as me alone with them I am at peace being alone with them not having someone telling me do this and that. I'm not saying the grass is greener but for me it's the best decision and I can only hope to find love by taking chances and being open to it. I'm not afraid to keep trying because with every relationship I've learned a lot about myself and it can only make me better for the next one in my life. For all of you going through this try to see it as a step forward not back and a new beginning,not necessarily and end. I wish you the best of luck along the way and stay strong. I'm alone but I'm happy.
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I was miserable for 8 years for the same reason I'm sad today. I was lied to and betrayed so many times and some kind of way , this seperation is all my fault. Funny thing is I realized , whether together or not he has always been my downfall and I'm finding it hard to stand. I just want to be happy.

Thanks for the encouragement, that one day i can look back on this and see how unhappy i was and that it was the best decision that could have been made.