Newly Separated?

My husband of four years woke up a few weeks ago and decided i was the cause of all his problems in life and wanted to separate, he is bipolar and has said this a few times before in anger but the last few months have been hard, we even had a very physical altercation out of nowhere, we had separated briefly before but wanted to work on things, even in that brief time i felt like my life was over and i was not good enough for him . this time around i feel like he is the one who is not good enough for me, I tried to give him the best i could and make him happy which still wasn't enough so i have come to terms with the problem probably lies within him and im doing ok with it. even though it is right before the holidays and we do have children together we have made the most of it thus far and i believe i can continue to thrive through it all. turns out now he is the one who is lonely and missing it all. now it is to late for him and i do not want him back? do i ?
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first year into my split. my wife and i worked seperate shift patterns which meant that we where effectively single parents and never saw each other. she worked away and met her ex.......
we're still friends but the split was the best thing for us and we're friends, we'll never be more now.. YOU'RE sound better than your partner as it's never acceptable to become 'physical' in the wrong sense in a relationship and where does it stop ? as a six foot, strong male i would never dream of hitting any female or allow a female to strike me i'd walk away, no matter how much i love that person, it'd be hard but think of your children.
your partner needs help and should talk to some one to help reduce his stress which will make any future relationship better. you need to move on...!!

Welcome to EP and thank you for writing your first story!

I don't know you enough to say if it's too late, but I'm very skeptic about people who separate and then want to get back together. Many people deserve a second chance, no one deserves a third chance.

um no u dont want him back its just the holiday deoression kicking in.. no one wants to be alone for tthe holidays.... im kinda in the same boat