Seperating after 22 years

i am a mess after my husband left me 5 weeks ago, i dont know hoe to deal, having a hard time dealing with it. dont know how to deal
maa1974 maa1974
3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Hello maa1974. Unfortunately, I know and understand exactly what you're going through. My husband walked out on me after being together for roughly 28 years. (dated for 3...married for 25). I wish I could give you a magic answer, or a easy path to take to make things better for you. Its not easy and it's very painful....but as much as you may not believe this does get better. At first it may be more bad days than good. During that time...put one foot in front of the other and make it thru the day. Be kind to yourself....remember to eat.....try to get enough sleep.....and keep moving forward. Finally....above all else.......remember your worth.

Hi, my husband moved to other city in April because he found a job there. This Christmas morning he told I am not welcome in his new house that his mother bought for him. That happened after 21 years of marriage. I explained our sons (16 and 20) what happened, and asked them to support me to build a new life. Please, be strong, you are not alone. I understand what you feel. You are younger and I believe you will find the other man. I am with you. Lets do make-up, new haircut, be attractive and start over.

I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. I am also going through a separation, 41/2 months, after 12 years of marriage, he ended it with no thoughts of counselling,

he still lives here but is slowly moving out, we have a business together and work at it together, it's slowly killing me . I am at a very low now and can't seem to pull myself out. I was watching & listing to Anthony Robbins it worked to get me over the part but not now. Give Tony a try and see if he can help you, I hope so. Keep strong