Reality Is Setting In... And It Bites!

I have been out of the house a week. My ex wants me to split time with our boys 50/50. I simply don't have the time or the room to do so. Besides, seeing her brings on a flood of mixed emotions: anger, bitterness and regret. I want to do this dissolution amicably but feel waves of different emotions and am not sure what I want except that I don't want conflict anymore. I am getting so depressed thinking about the future that it is difficult getting out of bed sometimes.... Or am I having a pity party?
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4 Responses Jan 11, 2013

This is normal...
We all feel this!
Anyone with human emotions would!
It's hard when your thoughts are confussed and impossible not to swing back and forth....
I go from anger to tears and regret so many times...
Hang in there...please

I am going through the same thing and I kicked him out. It has been a month and the roller coaster of emotions continues.

...Your me. My divorce will be final a year at the end of this month. The hurt is just part of it. Please don't stop seeing your boys. My exhusband did that and our son has had a rough time dealing with it. He blames himself at times I think. Try picking your sons up and taking them somewhere else, so your not around her, that will make the hurt worse. If your lucky the divorce will go by fast. Mine only took 3 months, but after being married 12 yrs, I still miss the sound of his voice at times. Its hard but hang in there, if you need to talk I'm here....

Thank you. I tried my best and it still wasn't enough. Our marriage wasn't perfect, no sex is proof of that, but but there are things that I miss.

Always make time for your kids. My ex took ours with her and I haven't seen them in a month, and probably won't again for another 2 months. If your ex wants you to spend time with them, consider yourself lucky.