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Keyword- "was"

I'm going into month four of my husbands and my official seperation. After a rough start, and many, many, many, many was starting to get better for me. I found a new strength and happines within myself, and for the first time in a long time I felt good about life and myself. Within a moment all that was crushed....and all it took was a text message. The message was from my husband....and if a stranger had looked at my phone they probably would have thought that the text was sweet...with just a tiny little touch of humor. Perhaps if I lived in TV land....where I wouldn't be a hurt, angry, bitter woman because my husband had an affair, and walked out on me and his daughters.....this text would have been great... and followed up by a laugh track. TV land....chances are my selfish husband and I would be best friends and all the worlds problems would be solved in a 30 minutes time period. But as much as I wish it wasn't new life is my reality....and I AM angry...and bitter...and very hurt. The text I received simply said "Happy birthday! Where's the snow?" He had an affair....walked out on 25 years of marriage....and now he wishes me a Happy birthday? I cannot begin to tell how much those five words of a text hurt. I knowing him....that the text wasn't meant to hurt, but it did. It hurt so badly that I've yet to recover. I was good.....keyword..."was".
b3andme b3andme 46-50, F 2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

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ignore it hun....
chin up!!!
I have been busy changing accounts all day that I have had for 25 years ..
and is reality!
starting to think it is good!
change is good...
stay with me...
don't dwell on the small stuff...
try to let go with me!

new beginning...
new people to meet.....
strong and beautiful!

Sorry I don't have any words that will help you get over this. I'm also newly separated and I totally understand that it really sucks! It's like the world suddenly turned gray and you have to keep pretending that everything is still normal. Just when things start looking a little bit better...wham you're sucked back in it again. It doesn't seem fair that your ex is the one who did the wrong thing and you are the one who has to suffer. All I can say is try to hang in there and know that things will get better with time. I know that probably sounds hokey but I've been told that it's also true. Take care! :)