Separated From My Husband.

A week ago I asked my husband for separation. After dealing with all the negativity and his rudeness, drinking,and not to mention the affair he had and ended 7 months ago. I just couldn't feel happy. I tried. I have been in therapy for almost a year now. He had started marriage counseling, but soon he started making excuses to go, saying it too expensive and he's too busy at work. So I said enough is enough! I was tired of not bro g taken serious. This is my life and u want to be happy.
The first day was a bit hard, but I that was the only day I felt down. I honestly feel liberated and I am able to be happy and take care of myself. I'm a little afraid of what this means :/
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So how has everything turned out for you?
Just curious.
Was in similar situation.

Well it's been 7 weeks now since he's been out of our home... In the beginning he drank a lot and was terribly depressed. That lasted about 2 weeks. He started seeing a therapist, and that seems to be helping. He's come around more now and I am open to trying to work on our marriage. I'm just trying to heal, its not easy to love someone who caused you so much pain. I am just taking it one day at a time. I do have my days where all I do is think about the affair and compare myself to her. But in the end I know I'm the better person!
I hope this helps you... You mentioned you were in a similar situation, what happened? What was your out come?

Yes. It was a combination of weird/wild/reflection/and return.
But it's not something I want other to read so I guess I'll tell you at some other time. Feel free to add me if you wish.
I hope you guys work it out. :)

HEY HOW ARE YOU????????????
It's been a while love.

I also read your other post. I am glad you are finding your way out. The future can only be better than what it is now, if you look ahead. Good luck!

You make the right choice..u hav make the rite takes 2 hand to clap..