I have recently decided to file for divorce after 26 years of marriage and an actual 30 year relationship. Due to my love for him, my faith in God, and my values to keep my vows, I have not done so sooner. I still love my husband very much but cannot share him with another woman any longer. He has chosen not to end a 9 year affair but does not want to make to decision to end us. I tried to keep my family as normal as possible for our grandsons but cannot do it any longer. My heart is breaking. This is not what I want but what I have to do. It's such a struggle and painful.
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I hope you soon get to feeling some sense of relief that the trying to keep things normal is no longer needed, that can be a real drain emotionally. You will find a new normal, and that will be much better for you and your grandsons.
Kudos to you for making your own choice about your life as your husband has made with his.

Yes, it is difficult. I feel it is worse than a death because at least with death, there is a definite closure.

AriesNerd, I wish you all the happiness you desire and all the healing you need.

I am so sorry, I've too young to understand a 30 year relationship but I understand heartbreak and it's something I never want to feel again.