Swing And A Miss... Again

Thought I had something about to spark with a friend at work. She is brilliant, witty charming.... the usual superwoman kind of thing. We are best friends at work... So I decided to see if she felt the same way about me as I do about her (I think she is irresistible!).

She didn't.

Can't imagine what could be wrong with me? I mean she is 33 and I am 51, I am getting a divorce, she is single, I have three children... You would think I would have known better. Am I being to sensitive because of what's going on in my life? ... Or am I a disaster waiting to happen to other women? Right now I feel old and ugly.
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Perhaps you should try women closer to your own age?

I don't really pay attention to age so much as personality. Even physical appearance takes a back seat to humor, intelligence and character. A great deal of women, but by no means all, my age seem to be jaded, coarse, and lacking in courtesy; I prefer Ladies. Ladies are hard to find.

With an attitude like that towards women closer to your age, it's no wonder you might be having a difficult time finding someone.

I didn't mean that to be insulting, and I apologize if I offended you, but that has just been my experience. Most of the women my age that I know are divorced and bitter. I have nothing but empathy for them. If there was a woman with all the aforementioned qualities my age... well I hope I meet her!

Actually there is a woman I know near my age ... or closer at least. She lives in CO... and I really wish she was here, or I was there. I really miss her.

Hmmm......I suppose. But my thinking is, why not go for the woman who doesn't want anymore kids and is (hopefully) able to support herself financially?! ;) Plus, as women get older, they get more sure of themselves sexually.

That damn saying, "Youth is wasted on the young" is so true!

NO KIDDING! I really don't look for younger woman, I just tend to enjoy certain personality types. By coincidence they tend to be younger. I like your suggestion!

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Maybe your just trying too hard?
It can scare women sometimes...

And besides when you were twenty you probably would have not over analzed it and just moved on....

Give yourself a pat on the back...
and remind yourself of all the fun you can have just looking! ;)

As Freddie Mercury said, " Can somebody find me somebody to Love?"... You might be right; I don't want to come across as a Stalker... :-)