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I'm planning on separating with my husband. But there's still a part of me that don't want to even tho I know it's for my own sanity! I swear he drives me nuts. Our communication isn't good. I've asked him to seek out marriage counselling for 14 months before he'd actually agree to go. Even then I had to make the effort to do so. With the marriage counselling there's still no communication. Every time there's something of serious matter to be discussed he get angry n defensive n only wants it his way. The only way he will open up about anything is at the counselling appt saying he's fearful of me getting angry. This hurts my feelings bc I don't get angry he tells me I am n that's that. I'm suppose to just agree with that n shut my mouth cuz if I explain I'm not angry I'm lying or if I respond to what he's saying then I'm giving him a hard time. Like really what am I suppose to do? Juss sit there n say nothing?? He tries to portray me as tho I'm some woman who like drama n will juss up n snap at anytime. I'm not like that. Every time he describes something like that. I feel like he's describes exactly what he's doing to me. I can't take it anymore. Really need advice!
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Have you tried to ask him why he thinks you are or will get angry? He sounds a little like me. Really try to find out the reason he feels the way he does. Instead of telling him you're not angry, ask him why he thinks you are. Try to get him to tell you more, he may have problems volunteering information.