Don'T Know If I Will Survive...

My husband and I have been separated for 7 weeks (almost 2 months). I kicked him out because he was on the phone with another woman. Since then our relationship has been off and on. For the most part he goes days without calling me and I am always initiating contact. He says that if he returns home he will feel like a "boy" and less than a man because I threw him out, make more money, and all of the things here were mine before we were married. He says he loves me and still cares but has mixed emotions.
He says he is willing to try counseling and we have an appointment to go in 2 weeks. Has anyone ever experienced this? Is there any hope for reconciliation or should I just move on?

I love my husband and I have treated him mean in the past by saying hurtful things. Since then, Ive really been trying to show all of my effort that I need him to come home. We recently lost a child and have been through a lot of pain in a short while. We have been married 2.5 years and both early 30's. I'm not sure how this will play out. My family tells me to move on but it just isn't that simple. He is currently staying with a friend but I have my thoughts that he is dating.

Should we go to counseling? Has it worked for anyone else? Is this relationship over?
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I can understand many of you telling me to leave it alone but, at this point in my life, I love him and really want our relationship to work. I feel like he doesn't care as much and each day I'm loosing him. I never saw this coming. I keep praying and hoping for the best. I'm trying to be strong but I don't have much hope.

Run!!! So many issues this early in the relationship can only lead to more..,yoiu should still be in the "honeymoon" phase....let this one go. Real men do not look to other women for advice. There is nothing good that will come from him seeking out another woman. You will continue to find fault, have mistrust, and he will become bitter. He already has low self worth. You can't fix that, he has too...I tried to fix mine for 12 years...BUT I knew after1 year it was going to be bad. We had kids though, so I stayed.

YES, go to counseling. Try to save your marriage. Tell your husband you love him and want him to come home. But tell him you want him to come back as a man not a boy so you can build a happier life together.

oh no! on the phone with another woman! how dare he! it's not like that woman could have anything on her mind other than stealing your husband from you! there's no way she could perhaps work at a flower or jewelry shop! you did the right thing by just assuming he was planning on cheating on you with her! screw divorcing him, just go lorena bobbit on his ***!