I've been separated for 10 months now. Been the longest time of my life! I feel lost and confused still. I know I wasn't happy, but at the same time I feel obligated to my family to work it out. My husband is someone who would always rather stay home and not get out and live. We treat each other terrible and argue a lot. I feel that he sees nothing wrong with how things were and in turn it makes me feel guilty and selfish for wanting something more. My kids need to see love and happiness. I want them to know what real love is. I feel relationships should be like dancing. One picks up the slack when the other needs help, not one sided.
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I agree with you, I know how you feel I've been with my husband since I was 16, we split for a couple years but got back together for our kids, now I feel like I'm sacrificing my happiness for my kids, it's hard for those who aren't in similar situations to understand...

Sounds like my life. I did make him leave 10 months ago. I still am confused, not about our relationship, but feeling like I didn't make it work for the kids. I know now the kids are happier which should make me happy and it does. I just hope I can be happy with me.

I know how you feel. Almost like I don't know who I am right now. Very confusing. Wish I could fast forward my life and see what my choices made happen.

That is an important thing to teach children. Growing up in an unhappy home tends to send the wrong message nine times out of ten. I know things are hard. Hugs

I agree completely. It hurts tho when they cry b/c they want they're parents to be together. As time goes on, I wonder if it was really that bad. Ugh. I hope this gets better one day

Thank you for the hugs :)