Gym And Dance

My oldest danced and took gym for over ten years, some of which was competitive, and she loved it. I had signed the baby up for dance to see if she liked it but it was too soon so we waited. I went with a studio where my oldest started because it was close and they are well known for their program. Unfortunately that reputation comes with a price and they really hit me in the pocket. All along I've been registered on the wait list for a city program that my daughter also attended. It's half the price, the younger ones have more 'stage' time should they want it, and more for my son. Well now that we have 157 things on our plate their name comes up on the list. I'm unsure of the days they offer the classes so can't figure out a fit until we get there. As of now we have Wednesdays open (except for game days), Fridays and most weekends but baseball season starts soon too so that might end. I want to do it all darn it!! Gonna have to sit down and map things out for this one but I think the children will have a blast with it.
mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
Jul 31, 2010