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I bought "Nibs goes to London" from the author and it is the funniest book I ever read in my whole life. It is a hundred times better than Harry Potter. I looked on the Internet to see if there is a Nibs fan club and could not find one so I thought I would start one. This is such a great book all about this old tomcat that talks to his master but no one else can hear him. Anyway they live in a run down apartment and they have this really mean landlady that takes Nibs' owner to court to get him evicted when he gets behind in his rent, so his owner hires a crooked lawyer so they won't get evicted but they get evicted anyway. Just as they are getting ready to move out Nibs the cat inherits three hundred billionaire dollars and the cat has his owner buy the building out from under the landlady and they evict her instead. Then Nibs has his owner buy him a really big yacht and hire some homeless servants who like to joke a lot. Anyway they sail off for London and drive on the wrong side of the street, then they go eat in a fancy restaurant and the owner of the restaurant tries to throw Nibs out of the restaurant because they don't allow cats. That is when his servants get in a fist fight with everyone in the restaurant and Nibs jumps into everyone's food making a mess and everyone gets arrested and goes to jail. Anyway the whole book has a lot of really funny jokes and Nibs is just adorable. I read it three times and several of my friends read it. I think it ought to be a Hollywood movie. If you haven't read it you ought to. I found several sites on the Internet that sell the book. And I met the author who is the sweetest old man I have ever met and he told me he wrote 40 books in which three are in print and that there were 26 Nibs the cat books and each adventure gets better and better. I can't wait to read the other 25 books about Nibs adventures.
Nibs1fan Nibs1fan
22-25, F
Apr 17, 2007