I'm So Nice

Some people try to take advantage of it and maybe I allow them to sometimes. However eventually it will catch up and I will get pissed and that is when my tongue is the sharpest. I will verbally ***** slap you and send you packing. However if you mess with someone I care about I am much quicker to jump to their defense and will cut you short. I'd much rather take the beating than to let someone else take it.
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12 Responses Aug 9, 2010

I know you :) xoxo

Yes you do for sure ;)

Here I am, I think its hard for me to get pissed off unless its real serous? but I know reasons.

College you r so cool, i love it.<br />
thanks for you!<br />

:o) Wish I could box up your verbal biyatch-slaps and packings... and unleash it when people come a knocking :P sounds like a great weapon to have :D

Stay exactly the way u are. Ive been taken advantage of for bein too nice too. There are very few nice people left n the world. U have a great balance of niceness and the ability to get tough if you need to.

:) thank you Broken

lucky friends you have ......... :)

Who is that Dayzed? <br />
<br />
MWAHS! Back atcha LMS

*mwahs and loves* That is why you are the most awesome friend :)

U remind me of someone I know.

I love you too Wolfie!! *tackles you with hugs*

LOL that's not scary woman!