Take A Hike Biaatch

You do not know me....

How can you judge me?

You say i treat you like a dog bittch

But you have not even began to see me treat you like the biitcch you are

Your sucky behaviour makes me think that you have a deep need to be treated like a dog

Due to your inferiority complex you take out on others

I get it you always feel like a worthless piece of shittt

Yeah deep down you know you are nothing and see yourself as such

You made up your mind a long time ago about the type of person you would be

Someone who thinks shitttt about herself....

So why then demand respect from others?

When you have a shittt worth of a self-esteem?

You really think people treating you better will make a lowlife like you feel better?

When you always desire to feel like shitttt...

To act like the poor helpless victim who everyone just happens to hate and look down upon in your crooked lil mind.

You want to feel like shittttt it seems because it gets you more attention you ugly fuckkking attention slutttt!!!

You want people to respect you but look at you for god's sakes you do not even respect yourself acting like this all day!!!

Do not expect people to respect someone who acts like a disrespectable twattt.
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Jun 8, 2013