Yes, and I Do Not Understand Why You Wouldn't Be

Yes, and I do not understand why all people are not. It is such a simple thing to do!! I would rather be *nice* and have people think IRONICALLY that it means I am a pushover (which if you know me, you know I'm NOT) than to be unkind!! My enemies will simply end up destroying themselves with no help from me, because what you put out in this world, you get back .... sooner or later. How can I chose NOT to be nice when I have been blessed with 2 amazing children. They learn from my example. Is it too hard to say thank you, when someone holds the door for you. Is it too hard to help a person who is struggling holding a child and a few too many grocery bags? These are such SIMPLE things.

The only time I might NOT be nice is when I see an injustice put upon my children .... then the whole WORLD better look out, but even than I am polite and never crass, I can get my VERY strong point across without swearing or assassinating someone's character EVEN if in my mind they might deserve it. I mean who knows what is going on in their lives, I can handle a problem with dignity and respect instead of making the choice to be cruel.

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1 Response May 10, 2007

I respect that, However I am not that enlightened. <br />
Do something ta one a mine and "I hope your mother runs out from under the stairs and bites ya where the sun dosent shine " is probobly as nice as I get.<br />
But I really respect that kind of restraint. ;-)