******* My Niece

Early one evening as I was in my home office making appointment's,  and setting up the next few days of work . I kept hearing a low moaning and an occasional throaty growl. I ignored it for awhile until curiosity got the best of me .  So I saved the page of  what I was working on and got up from my chair in my office and walked down the hall to go investigate the sounds. As I walked threw the house I ran through my mind  trying to make sense  of just what I was hearing as I thought I was alone . My wife having left  about an hour ago to go buy flowers to make an arrangement for a friends up coming wedding.    As I passed my son's bedroom door it was cracked open just a bit  just enough that one could look into his room unseen. And as I passed I could see he was licking my cute  young  barley legal  niece's pretty lil pink *****,  And she was loving ever minuet of it ,  She was ******* his face with wild abandon  moaning and growling as he licked her ***** and her perfect  lil **** . That I could clearly see was swollen plump and pink throbbing like an erection  in the mouth of its lover.  I turned to walk away as I noticed I had a massive erection from watching them . It was at that point that my mind raced with all of the impossible thing's that could happen .  I did not know what I was going to do next  was I going to take out my hard **** and **********  as I watched them I sure wanted to?. Carol was a very pretty young women who looked much younger then she really was having just turned 19 but she looked like she was about 14 or 15. And I could clearly see her sweet  ***** was that of a women that knew how to use it. and use it well as it looked more full more beautiful then any ***** I had ever seen before.  And I knew as soon as I thought that  that all I wanted  to do was to lick it and then  **** it  myself .
Giving in to what my mind said was wrong I pushed the door open and walked in saying "what is going on in here what is all the commotion ?" At that  my son jumped up turned beat red stammered something incomprehensible and ran out of his room fast as he could go  yelling over his shoulder as he did" I am going over to  Eric's house I will be staying over night "  When I turned back around and looked down  at Carol She was  just lying there spread eagle like it was no big thing and all I could see was her pretty *****  staring back at me begging me to **** it.. "Well you sure have a pretty ***** " I managed to say .  She just put a finger  in her mouth and smiled giving my  hard ****( that was now trying to burst out of my pants) a sideways look that almost made me *** right there. Speechless I just looked down at her and that  perfect little ***** pointing back at me ." Well I showed you mine you gonna show me yours" I heard her say like it came from far away  it was such a deep whisper ,and she slowly ran her hand down the length of her small body stopping at her wet ***** pulling on her swollen **** and dipping a finger in her slit deep enough to cause a  shuddering  spasm to pass threw her  naked  hot  lil body  that she was showing me. With out a word I took off my pants  and slipped out of my  underwear my raging hard on springing up freed from its prison of clothes ." Oh yummy " I heard Carol say but  I could not reply  because I was in another world  as she had sat up and quickly  took my hard throbbing **** in her hand and began to stroke it like a pro  as she slowly licked the head of it  from side to side with her hot wet tongue. It was all I could do to not *** right then and there. I had to concentrate not to as I wanted more the anything to **** her and pump my load of hot ***  deep inside her perfect lil *****.
 I slowly began to kneel down causing her to let go of my **** "Just lay down beautiful"  I said then leaning over her  I started to kiss and caress her  small pert breasts flicking my tongue on her rock hard nipples I was in heaven. And I did not care if I was going to hell I was going to **** her like she had never been ****** before.  Kissing and gently touching her squirming body  I then worked my way down to her waiting wet *****  as I placed my tongue on her hard **** she bucked up wildly  and let out a loud moan ".  Then said "I have wanted you yo do this for so long Uncle Ron I can not help myself I an *******  on your face right now ." And then  with both hands she grabbed a hold of the back of my head and ****** my face and tongue hard as I licked her hot dripping wet pretty lil *****  it was  incredible and very sexy just as  sweet as honey  and when I slipped a finger into it   I could tell it was very  very tight . because  as I did  she screamed out in pleasure  saying "Oh God **** me now Uncle Ron **** me now  **** me hard I want to feel your big hard **** inside me now" .  So at that I stood up pulled  her by her legs to the edge of the bed that she was laying on  placed my arms under her knees and took her by her hips lifted her gently until the tip of  my   now rock hard  ****   touched the wetness of her ***** lips . I slowly pulled her up and  on to my hard ****  as the head of it  buried itself into that perfect ***** of hers as i entered her it started spreading her swollen  ***** lips as it slid  into that hot wet tight lil ***** . I gave way to the animal in me as  I could take it  slow no more so with all my night I thrust my hips forward  as hard as I could plunging my ****  deep inside her ***** all the way to its base  filling up that pretty lil ***** of hers  completely . Never in all my life had I ****** such a tight lil hot wet and perfect ***** ,  As I was now  in all my wildest dreams had i never felt  like this. i did not care if we got caught  as it sent such pleasure through my body  I forgot where I was and who I was with  and I just wanted to **** it forever  it was better then any ***** I had ever ****** before. And as I ****** her harder  and harder  I pounded her hard  with all my strength so hard I thought I would break her in half . and after  just a few minuets  I got so excited that  I blew a big hot wad of *** deep inside her sweet ***** . But my ****  had a mind of its own and was still rock hard so I just kept going  and going like the energizer bunny  ******* her as hard as I could  the whole time she was moaning and growling like a wild animal . After I came a few mores times I slowly pulled my hard **** out  of her ***** and laid  it on her now  quivering body . She looked down at it and said "That was better then in my dreams and I sure hope we get to do this many many more times" "Don't worry about that baby girl we sure will as long as you want to **** my ****  it will be here for you I said ." But ya know that Sue may be  coming home anytime  now so  lets get cleaned up and get dressed  for now" . Then  as a second thought I turned to her and said "You are going to spend the night right?"   "Oh yes" she said  "Good because  Sue just got some sleeping pills so I think she is going to sleep well tonight  if ya know what I mean ?"' Mike has gone to Eric's and Cass is  visiting Grams" 'So I am going to enjoy ******* that pretty lil ***** of yours all night long "  " Woo hoo that sounds great to me I have wanted you  to **** me  for as long  as i can remember, and now I am glad you caught me and Mike  because I did not know how to ask you to **** me" . 'Well you do not have to worry about that now as I am going to **** you forever or as long as you want me to" With that Carol stood up  and warped her arms around me and gave me a big hug and a kiss and the said "I think I am going to be spending a lot of nights here". "Oh you know you are " I winked at her and smiled  then  turned and walked to my room pickup my clothes as I left Mike's room  and headed to take a cold shower  so my **** would not be rock hard when Sue got home.
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Lucky i want do that to my niece she has great breast i one i saw her under one time and very sexual panty now i each time i see her she get me horny

Wish I was as Lucky as you, I have a niece that I want to **** too I know she has a tight ***** and sometimes I think she would like to try me but I just don't know how to ask her but I really want to feel my **** stretch her ***** any ideas how I can do it