We Are Nigerians

Just like the song "we are africans" lets not do what i did in my past years.i knoe you want to know what i did.it all happened in my young age when i travelled to u.s.a to study in high school.firstly my teachers asked me about my nationality although i was a bit shy i conquered my fears and said i was nigerian then the whole class bursted into laughter.with this stigma on me,i afforded not to bear it .so i lied about my nationality.this guilt has been a burden to me all these while.but i have tried to reshapen the past and continue with my future.do you know that we nigerians are planning on builiding the worlds largest cake.yeah i know its wonderful.
Lemueljohn Lemueljohn
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6 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Hey,I'm white and with s Nigerian be proud of who you are x

God bless. People laugh for a lot of reasons--naive and don't have the poise to respond intelligently, error thinking about the Motherland(the only news that is reported about Africa is bad news--famine, wars, starvation),<br />
Sometimes they ignore the prosperous countries like Nigeria because they haven't figured out how to colonize it.

hey,at least ours is better of than some otherv african countrys.

Wow.i love being Nigerian.People tell me if they were African they would want to be Nigerian. But i guess it is hard coming from there with the accent and different beliefs.

thanks yall

It's great that you've shapen up =] Those people who laughed at you were stupid and unknowing, and one should never be ashamed of where you come from.<br />
<br />
P.S. I want a piece of that cake! o.O