My Rant On Profanity And Censorship

Now if you have ever lived under your parents roof...well..some of you were allowed to swear but I don't envy you. Because everyone knows everything you're not supposed to do is more enjoyable when you're told not to do it. But I could get into parental bullshit later..for now let's focus on the main topic which is the substitute words for profanity. Now first of all I find nothing wrong with profanity at all and I'll tell you why.

Well it all comes back tell me why nudity is even censored in the first place? And I'm not some creep or anything, I don't even watch that much ***********. BUT my Christian friends need I remind you of Adam and Eve? They were naked at the very beginning upon creation according to the Bible so therefore it's God's intended will for us to wear no clothes. So what you're doing is you're bullshitting your own bullshit. Undermining your own religious bullshit..Now I don't see any viable reason to censor anything. But one of the main arguments for censoring things is..the children. "Protect the children" Ya know the ****, when there's "foul" language these ****** cover their children's ears, when there's nudity cover their eyes. Now I don't know about YOU but I knew all these forbidden words by fourth ******* grade,OK? And...and I knew about sex too! I mean who doesn't? Does anyone really have that birds and the bees lecture? I didn't..knew about it WAYYYYY before then. People always want to stay innocent, not me. **** you, I'm going to study and explore. Now there's no, there's no reason to censor nudity. Because children can take off their pants and see exactly what they'll show on the screen. AND children aren't even turned on yet! And so what the hell if they's gonna happen one day. Why prevent the inevitable?

Now let's look at the foul words we have outlawed for no viable reason. There's about 15 words...we are never or very rarely supposed to say. Carlin already perfected this, I don't need to. Now let's begin with the worst and my favorite "****". The F word, ha ha. Now what does **** mean? I'll tell you what the **** **** means. It means sex, that's all. "I want to **** her" "go **** yourself". ****: Fornicate Under Consent of the King. Fornicate Under Consent of the King. Do you see anything wrong here? When someone says "**** you" they're basically saying "rape you". The middle finger is a phallic gesture which means UP YOUR ***. This finger looks like a **** and I am putting it up your ***. There's nothing wrong with sex, it ALLL comes back to sex. Every single thing we're not supposed to say is related to sex, ever notice that? What is the c word? **** is a shriveled up vagina. What is d i c k? A penis. What is p r i c k? An Asian sized penis. *** self explanatory. Then there's a few words that are bad for no ******* reason. For instance "*****", the B word. Some of these ***** like dominant men therefore they would enjoy being labeled a *****. Nothing wrong with *****..female dog. Bastard, the other B word. Well what does that mean? It means your parents had sex before marriage which means I'm a bastard. And I'm sure you're a bastard too. And then there's "****" and "****". These are everyday bodily functions, why pretend they don't exist? And why take offense to them you ******* babies!? Just because someone says "you're a piece of ****" do I believe them or even give a ****. In fact sometimes I ignore insults, KNOW WHY? BECAUSE I KNOW THEY'RE NOT TRUE!! Quit being so ******* sensitive!

I could go on but let's get on to what I was trying to say in the first place. The words that are subbed for bad words. You don't say **** you say freak. You don't say hell you say heck. You don't say damn you say dang. You don't say **** you say shoot. You don't say pissed you say ticked. You don't say *** you say butt. You know what I say? I say **** you,go to hell, damn you, eat ****, you **** me off, up your ***! That's what I say to them...**** you, I will not watch my mouth. YOU can watch my mouth as the profanity flies out! "**** every last one of you" I can say **** like that, know why? Because we live in a country with an illusion of freedom. Conditional freedom of speech. I'll give that to you, we have a little bit of freedom of speech or else I wouldn't be able to say any of this. But it's conditional. For instance I can't tell a cop to **** off without losing a few teeth and gaining a few scars. Not a freedom. Freedom means freedom. Freedom means I would be free from any type of consequence. See because my friends you can say semi- really offensive stuff but you can't take it too far. This is where I see the line drawn, say **** you, sprint across the line flipping you off. Because I will say whatever I want! I will especially say what you don't want me to. I couldn't say "I'm going to kill the president". I couldn't say "I love to rape *****". I couldn't say "I hate America". Freedom means freedom from consequence. If there's a punishment it's not a freedom. How much freedom of speech do we have when half the rap and metal songs are censored to the point of just silence...? Freedom of speech..joke.

In a nutshell: There's nothing wrong with profanity, **** protecting the children and I'm against all censorship.

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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

I couldn't agree with this one, any more, lol! I cannot ******* stand censorship! It literally ****** me off more than just about anything else. I was never allowed to say "bad" words as a kid, but I did anyway, of course, lol! I never have gotten why they were supposed to be "bad." It's stupid. It's our perverse society that ingrains this nonsense in our parents, who in turn instill it in us, and the cycle continues. Until people like me and you, who actually think for ourselves, come along and break the chain, lol!