Bottled Water And Food Allergies?! Over Priveledged ******!

Let me talk a little about bottled water. Some of these ******* countries ******* disgust me. We got bottled ******* water. Bottled ******* water. We got three ******* types of ******* water! We got the faucet aint nobody drink, the **** water and bottled ******* water. When there's ******* places all over the ******* world, all over the ******* world that have no ************* water or they only have **** water. And we're the **** over here with bottled ******* water. The faucet isn't good enough,huh? It tastes a little funny? **** you. So many ************* take **** for granted. We got bottled ******* water and allergies to ******* food! We got so much ******* food we built up allergies to the ******* food when these ************* aint got **** for food. And we're not supposed to eat red meat? **** you.
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

i know right! lol. america is spoiled

Hey! having a bad night?

Okay dude, come step into the light with me...and have some chocolate...and we can share some tap water okay! ;)