My Rant On Christainity

Now, let's get into my absolute favorite topic to dismantle: Christianity. Now I really don't even have to say anything, it destroys itself once you really look into it. The beliefs of this religion are pure and utter bull ****, pure and utter bull ******* ****. OK? Christianity is damn near the most prominent religion in the world and this thought alone makes me SICK. The fact that's there's thousands+ mindless, obedient religious robots aimlessly walking around thinking some of us are dammed to Hell where as they're 'saved' is incredibly amusing. And people say "everybody needs faith" **** you, then could you keep it to your ******* self please? I'm going to 'hell', you're going to 'heaven'. Christianity is the most arrogant religion, and conceited. The belief of the Christian is they're the "chosen ones". Christ..this type of asinine prophecy **** again, eh? They're the chosen ones and..and get this they're the only reasonable religion in their eyes. Holy ****..out of all the 100s of religions THEY'RE RIGHT. No credible evidence, not even any logical, rational beliefs or preachings! There's Islam,Buddhism,Judaism, Hinduism...but NO, no they're the correct religion.I don't know about YOU but I'd believe in ******* reincarnation before I EVER for one second even contemplated believing in an invisible in some floating paradise evaluating me at all times

Now let's get to the ******* nitty gritty, shall we? Alright I'll start at the beginning, I'll take you back..way back to my days as a Christian. I'll take you back to my date of birth (which I'd rather not give away, it's May 29th). Alright so I'm born and all that ****..let's say..ah ya know what? **** it, mother was probably reading me the Bible since 1 or younger. Because as my story goes I was born into this world at a dire time for my mother. Alright? She was living in ******* hell. Most abusive ******* relationship you could ever possibly imagine. Just as MY life was beginning hers was damn near ending. Just to give you an idea of how ******* bad it was once when I was 3..years? No, **** you months. My father high out his ******* mind broke into the ******* house and threw a ******* television at and my mother. It one ******* inch missed my head. So it's a ******* miracle I'm even alive. But I could get into the domestic violence bull **** another day..I don't give a **** about that. I'm not looking for any pity or "sorry that happened" bullshit. Still haunts me but I can ignore it..that was just to prove my point of on a daily basis my mother almost being killed. That kinda **** happened daily. Abundance of attempted murders..assaults..she had no ******* faith at faith for a better tomorrow, next year, next next year..nothing. So my birth according to her gave her well..not only a reason to live but motivation to get the **** out of the horrid **** relationship. And she says by the grace of God we made it. Well I used to believe this. USED to believe it until I opened my eyes a little..

Now I was raised religious and used to be a completely different person. I was kind, HAPPY,constantly complimenting people and preforming random acts of kindness. Well, you're probably thinking to yourself "what's bad about that?" "Sounds like he's a good person". Well I'll tell you what's bad about that. First of all I was falsely content..the compliments and acts of kindness was because I was programmed to do so. Religion is just a whole lot of mind control and restriction. And I'd like to say I don't care about that..the people that preform random acts of kindness good for you. You make others happy good job, you're doing great. But that's just being a decent person. Now the way *I* see it is you shouldn't require some deity to tell you to be a good ******* person. Alright? And Christianity isn't really..the basis isn't really spreading kindness.

But anyway I was raised as a Christian. Did the whole nine yards and all that ****. Baptized, communion..all that ****. Now the first thing that turned me off Christianity was church itself. I never liked church, ever. I tolerated really well in my younger years, last few times my mother forced me to attend church she was convinced I was evil. Anyway I'll tell you why I didn't like church and I'm NOT lying when I say I thought of this **** at 8 years old. Very quickly I began to see a pattern here. Now first I was dumbfounded at the joy of God, you know what I mean? That was my initial reaction. People BECOME Atheists, not me. As a toddler I the back of my mind. May not been as clear as it is now but it was there nonetheless.

Something I've always understood since as far back as I remember is business. It's not that hard to grasp. Business, alright? I understood that there's a product, there's a customer and there's a sales pitch,OK? Religion is a business and Christianity is the greatest scam since bottled ******* water. The product: The Bible. The customer: The Christian. The sales pitch: The sermon. Something I very quickly began to realize is there is a set pattern and it goes like this. False hospitality, falsely uplifting bullshit, praise God, then pay God. Alright? That's how the **** it goes. Praise God,Praise God,Praise God, money, praise God,praise God,Praise God, more money..That's how it goes. Go to a church, that's what it is. False uplifting bull **** followed by sucking money out of you. That God knows what they're using it for. Cause I'm gonna tell you something right the **** now they're not doing what the **** Jesus ******* Christ would ******* want. They're doing one of three things, hoarding the money, doing so little to better the world you can't even see it or what I think is they aint doing ****! **** them! Look at the ******* church , look the **** at it. Some of these ******* churches man I want burn the **** down! Not cause I'm Satanic or some **** like that either. But look at the ******* sizes! These ******* people..there's these ******* enormous ******* churches, you know what I mean? Stained glass all over the ******* place ca ching, ca ching, ca ching. $$$$ Expensive ******* wood. ca ching, ca ching. $$$ You know? But there's ************* that aint got ****.

Homeless ******* people, homeless ******* animals, hungry ******* people and it just keeps getting bigger. The churches keep getting bigger and so does the population of people in need. And they don't give a ****. That's why I say **** Christianity, that's why. Right there. **** them, say it with me. **** them. **** them. I'm not on Satan's side, **** Satan too. I'm on humanity's side, the realistic side. I'd love to be able to say God loves you but there is no God and the people behind him don't give a ****. So naturally I'm gonna say "**** them". And you should too. **** not rebelling, we only live once. And I don't know about YOU but I will not stand for this ****. As long as I'm alive I will ruin Christianity. DON'T bastardize my points or accuse me of being evil. Read between the lies, I ******* spelled it out. If we don't do **** then they're going to **** us over. **** being submissive and letting some ******* **** you over. No. **** them. Profanity does NOT = evil. Remember that.

OK, enough on that aspect. Let's get onto the religion itself. Now in the Bible there is an overbearing amount of belligerent asinine bull ****. I hate the Bible, hate the Bible. Alright..first of all it's clear what purpose the Bible serves. Ten Commandments. Why are they there? I'll tell you why they're there.To restrict and control. What they told you is a sham. The Bible was written by the American government to restrict and control. They thought this all out very first day America was bought and sold. They knew that if they wanted to easily **** a group of people over they needed to provide a legitimate reason. Thou shall not rebel according to "God''. Why? I'll tell you why. Because when the government is ******* you over you're not allowed to rebel or fight it because thine is thy will of "God". Genius. Genius. The greatest thing in existence. The plan of the government is so brilliant it's indescribable. Now I hate the Bible for many reasons. One of them being the Bible preaches "universal love". Love everyone thine is the will of God. To which my rebuttal is...**** you. OK? **** you, that's bullshit. Police,politicians,rapists,child molesters, murderers and preachers. The scum of the earth. They can go get ******. I'm not loving them. **** them and **** you too. They can go get ******..I aint inviting them to dinner, I'm not complimenting them. I aint gonna give them ****, go to hell. And you know something interesting? Lemme tell you something that'll warm your heart. According to Christianity these ************* could be in heaven. Every piece of **** walking pulse could be in the heavenly kingdom. Hitler could be in heaven. Every evil ****** ************* piece of **** could be in heaven.

You know I found something people must just take and sprint with. They take something for granted. The fact that God supposedly forgives all sins. They take this and they just ******* run with it. Then it started to make sense why Christianity is the cause of hell on earth. I'll you why. Well first of all hypothetically I could spend my entire life causing harm. I could bash infants heads in and eat them, I could rape and do unspeakable acts to people, I could murder millions of people...and I could still go to heaven. The **** is that? All you gotta do is know the magic words: "I'm sorry" and then you can do ANYTHING. Nobody can touch you. So you know if you really want to kill your wife tonight or you see some little girl in the park and wanna molest her well all you gotta do is ask God's forgiveness after you're done and look at that! You'll go to heaven. This is not some sick joke, my friends. It's the truth. See all you gotta do is say "I accept Jesus Christ as my savior"... but you gotta mean it..ya know. That's what any Christian will tell you. Gotta mean it..gooootta mean it. Once you mean it? Oh you gotta a free card to do whatever the **** you want. Go rape a chick..go kill know "God loves you, he'll forgive you" "Hey it was a mistake man I slipped and my **** went in her" "Oh jeez..uh it misfired". Because here's what you're taught in Christianity. You're taught that raping a ***** and stealing a pack of gum are the same ******* offense in God's eyes. Let me help you put this in perspective. I could steal a pack of gum and go to Hell because I'm an Atheist however a Christian could kill somebody and go to Heaven because they believe in Jesus and God. Find the rational thinking in that and I will do whatever you want for you.

Another thing about the Bible is it's always contradicting itself! I'll give you an example in the Bible it says "thou shall not sin" but on another page it says we all sin so if you know we're gonna sin then why the **** make that wrong? If we can't help it, God then how the **** can it be wrong?! Another wanna know something that will get you sent straight to hell? Suicide. No way to prevent. You commit suicide? To hell you know. Which gave me the idea that you know maybe..just maybe...just maybe God doesn't give a ****. I'm not allowed to leave. ******* Hotel California! So I then very quickly pondered the idea that we may be God's entertainment. Our suffering brings him joy. Why else would we be forced to stay here? What a Christian will tell you is "we're here to learn things, live for God". Oh are you,huh? Well what about the rest of us?! We're ******? "Yes." That's fair. So when I'm I supposed to bow down to this thing again? "Sabbath day" Oh really? "Yes" **** you. "Oh dear Lord...this boy needs Jesus. The power of Christ compels you!"

Another just ASININE thing in the Bible is the hate for homosexuality, lesbians and bisexuals! ******* ****** me the **** the ******* ******* ************* **** off! These people are ******? Huh? HUH?! For what? For what God? FOR WHAT CHRISTIAN?! I'll tell you for what. FOR BEING ******* BORN!! That's their sin cause you know they have a lot of say in their attraction. **** you both! **** you God! **** you Jesus! And **** you followers. Every homophobic **** can go get ******. You have no ******* right to say who the **** they can love. **** your God and **** you too. ********** everything you represent, ************. **** you.**** you. Won't stand for that. **** you.

Now let's end this with the TRUTH, shall we? The government crafted the Bible there is NO GOD. And if there is he's nothing like they say. Christianity is a business of money sucking, mind control and justice restriction. The Bible preaches biased hatred. **** the Bible. **** Christians. **** homophobic ************* pieces of ****. **** Christianity. **** religion. And **** God. **** your God, **** my God. **** her God, **** his God, **** their God and **** their God.

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Whew!You know something!I agree with some of the **** you say about the religions and the way Christianity is represented to the masses!IT IS BULLSHIT!!!And there belies the problem the very masses are dealt with!You spoke of growing up and going to,what I assume is Catholic church,right?I f you knew the real History on how the Catholic church started(centuries ago)and how it ended up,you would understand a good chunk of the problem!When the Catholic church was formed in the beginning,it was run by true men of Christ,true Christians who really followed the ways of Jesus!Then,they were infiltrated by jesuit priests,priests who's only mission was to taint the words of Christ and to abolish His truth and create their own system!Throughout the decades they have been fighting within their system!The true versus the false!More to that story as the infamous Inquisitions the Catholic crusades scourged on,was a mission to steal land and riches from honest and good Christian people!These were known as the witch trials!Most know of the so-called witch burnings and tortures!The fact is,they were NOT witches,they were TRUE CHRISTIANS!If you open your eyes a little wider,you will see that everything today is leading towards a cleansing of Christian morals and is the very reason why this world is turning to a darker shade of **** by the second!Anyway,that's a bit of History on the Catholic aspect!Now,the very same jesuit society has infiltrated almost every church in the world and is why you see all these rich and so-called chosen!These are NOT the chosen spoke of in the Bible!The Chosen are the lost tribes of Isreal!The truth is,very few people have ever followed the path of Jesus!This is why there is so much confusion on the issue!Christianity is NOT a religion!Man,I know how you feel!I know that Flame of rage!I feel it every day!I know despair,I feel that and so many other negative emotions!I believe we all know pain!I do not believe there is anyone who hasn't experienced some form of Hell or another!Some more than others!The devil is one slick ******!It,not he,IT was the way IT was from the day mankind was formed!Even before we were!Listen!My time has run out!If you care to,leave me a post on my whiteboard if you would like to talk some more!But for now,I will ask that you check out what so many do not know on how the devil works!There is a site called Shatter The Darkness!A man named Russ Dizdar speaks about the very nature of where this world was,is and where it is heading!All I can ask is give it a look!If not,so be it!We will forget about whatever!I will not hold it against you and I know MY God won't either!He'll find His own way to you!Because unlike what my buddy Lushiro said about God,He never makes mistakes,people do!Lushy has a bit to learn as well as myself and many,many others!Though,I feel we are close to the gates of the finality of the world as we know it!Time is very short!Read Revelation and look to the Middle East1It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!!!God bless you and take good care!Please,check out that site!

fuckthat was hilarious, **** that made sense, **** i am still christian, **** that i still hate relgion, **** that i am not relgious, **** that i believe in god, ****, ****, ****, more power to your beliefs. If your a good person then good for you.

the curses were th jokes my man. Just the sheer amount of ***** in that rant was great. I couldnt stop laughing.

You are wrong there is god, you are blinded with remorse, rejection and rage, let us heal you you don't have to feel this pain, let us guide you back home, you can do this with us understand you are not alone we are with you, god is sorry he wants to apologize and take you home. Do not fear his love again because he was angry he made a mistake we all make mistakes, let him embrace you again, you are the light in your darkness you can trust us, just grab my hand and we can take you back home. You deserve the love and peace again like all others, come on let's go.

It is okay come home with us. God is not perfect either we all make mistakes, it is why we are imperfect, he is so sorry he cries for your pain, accept his forgiveness because we want you back home, we are all so sorry for your pain we didn't mean it, forgive us and let us take you back to the light you deserve to be loved and graced with us again, there is no more need to torture yourself my son, come home, we are waiting for you.

not sure if trolling...:P

Please come home with us we need you to return to us, you are not evil you are not a demon you are my son, you are us you are you, just yourself. I didn't mean to hurt you my son, come with us we love you and always will please give us one last chance. I promise we will set you right again, as I should have the first time. I got angry at you because of my self-egocentrical desire to make you perfect because I didn't accept you for who you were, that is now different I learned my lesson and so has this child who I am speaking from, let us be your way back home.

It is okay. Come, it's time to come back home. No more words...just take my hand.

We are here for you my son, the angels welcome you home.

lush, are you trolling?

I am not this is real are you not seeing what this child sees do you love yourself, do you accept yourself do you know who you are in this life? Ask yourself these questions for me before you reply, do you have any pain you aren't healed of?

...I am scared.

We love you my son return to is okay. Righteous accept who you are in life you are you, you are perfect just the way you are, accept that and repent for all negatives and they will be removed, and forgiven unconditionally.

You don't believe in faith anymore my son? I am sorry this is my fault, but you don't have to believe in religion it isn't true nor is anything else of this world created by man this was also my mistake I didn't grant moses the power of insight he fell short before my son's falling, you must understand that what you believe is also your choice, you don't have to live in darkness anymore, you can come home with us.


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