Who Is Nightbirdflying?

I'll tell you who I am One thing must understand about me is I have NEVER been who you are. You've never been me but I damn well have NEVER been you. Nothing you think have I ever thought, everything you represent I dissipate. I'm not a genius, not anything special BUT I do however do something that very few people do which is THINK FOR MYSELF. Not only that but I also believe NOTHING, first step to enlightenment: question everything. I believe nothing and most likely everything you embody I contradict. I have no beliefs. no morals nor label. YOU can label as you wish but I will never under any condition label myself or lay claim to anything. No religion, no race, no culture, no political party, nothing. No stereotypes nor sexist ideas. I am living, that's it. Knock yourself out, label me and sell me. I have no control over your biased delusional apathetic misconceptions or preconceptions. I embody free speech and I embody free minds! I personify insubordination. Do you know the meaning of that? That means I reject the idea of authority and self proclaimed superiority spread by all people in a position of aforementioned authority.

Something people fail to realize is that there's a world outside of them. I had to be awakened and ultimately it comes down to you having to say "**** my goals". There's other people with the same dream. Because you can't think when it comes to shaping your reality. You can't claim "I THINK I wanna do this my life" or "I THINK I wanna do that with my life". You cannot cave and fit to people's prior placed footsteps traced of expectations of who you're supposed to be either. You must FEEL it, it must be your world. The fact is we all have a dream. We all have our space of absolute euphoria. And I feel we have the right to live for said euphoria.

Because something people either are blind to or do not realize the realistic aspect to it is we don't live forever. If you're lucky your lifetime consists of 80 years and it may seem like a long time and it may seem like you have the leniency to take your sweet time but you don't. Trust me. Years start going by like a flash, a blink of an eye it's January to January and you're another year older. I started figuring this stuff out in third grade, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out we die. That's all I did. I established what my dream is and I live for it.
You know take everything people tell you as suggestions not laws. Who says your dream can't be made into reality once you're not how you say "young"? You know? Screw that. 2,23,32,45,56,68...it doesn't matter. Never too late in that aspect. That's at least how I see it.

 I'm not educated at all and I chose this path, but I don't think I'm an idiot either. I have different embodiments than most of the majority of humanity it seems . Not really better ideas or views just definitely different.

Do I have regrets, would I change anything? NO,absolutely NOT. If I were to change anything it would alter who I've become. What I'm capable of artistically I'm very proud of. A fact is you cannot be a happy artist. Artists are wronged many times and tortured anyway you want to say. Pain gives way to truth and enlightenment. I love my past for this reason.

Now let me give you a few things I am. I begin studying,not academically but beyond that, I diligently studied the truth. The kind of truth George Carlin spread, that truth. I relate so MUCH to Carlin, often we have one in the same mentalities. May he rest in peace, Joe bless his soul. After reading his life story I realized how much relation there really was! He dropped out in ninth grade (which is what I wanted to do) because he felt the education system was tiresome and tediously full of absolute bullshit. As do I. I am not interesting in anything academic related. You know I represent heterodox, I am anything but mainstream. I do not think like most nor do I act like most. I find mainstream to be bullshit. I don't want to be just another fish in the sea. Just another uniform wearing worker. No, I crave more than that. Not fame but I feel I have something to say. I also immensely relate to Eminem on an amazing level. They are my idols among many. Also, an interesting fact is all my idols never had a good father nor upbringing. None. Music is my life and art is my voice. I strive to just live. Also you people you're my entertainment, earth is my show. I live for expression, I live for enlightenment and I live to **** with people. Confusing and making people angry is an ideal way to live. I'm just enjoying the show. Truth is I'll be dead and gone as no one but I will enjoy the hell out of this lifetime.

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5 Responses Nov 28, 2012

cool story bro. but lacking in rants about religion. 0.2/10

Yet another epic ******* story dude!

Hahaha welcome

And THIS is one's awakening. You aren't one with god but you are one with yourself. Total difference. Yet exact same purpose but being one with god allows you higher enlightenment and morality, also protection to/from the darkness of reality.


I ******* love your views NightBirdFlying, loved reading it, **** em all.

Correction ''them'' but I was referring to an old song ''**** em All'' :D


for INFORMING ME !!! who you ARE!! lol good read...