Religion Vs. Atheism.

Now friends I'm going to try my hardest to NOT swear, please bear with me. This is not an easy task for me. But I've decided I must refrain from using profanity. I realize that my over abundance use of said obscenities often devalues my points or makes me appear..deplorable.
NOW let me also say I'm an agnostic Atheist. However, my points will not be biased towards Religion (disregarding my displease for it most the time) and boasting about how much Atheism is better. Basically, I will address the pros and cons of both views...

Now, one could in fact argue Atheists are apathetic whereas religious people are often empathetic. This is false for several reasons. First of all that is immensely generalizing and labeling both sides. Often SOME of the Atheists I have met are kind empathetic individuals BUT I can say the same for SOME religious people. Just as SOME of the Atheists I've interacted with have been APATHETIC and idiotic and SOME of the religious people have been APATHETIC and idiotic. Now something people fail to understand is that a group or label does not necessarily define a person. And what I mean by that is simply because a large sum of people all belong to a group does NOT mean they are all one in the same person. This should be common knowledge however unfortunately idiocy is seemingly an epidemic in the world (Or perhaps rather ignorance.) We're all different regardless of anything we CHOOSE to label ourselves as (i.e.Atheist,Religious,any type of political label etc.) seeing as no two people regardless of their similarities are the same. Even twins (both fraternal and identical) are not EXACTLY the same. Furthermore the assumption that all Atheists are apathetic and all religious people empathetic is a misconception and FALSE.

The stupidity and ignorance extends to greater lengths though. ANOTHER misconception often believed is Atheists are evil. People often confuse (or rather are too stupid to deduce the two ) Atheism with Satanism. Nothing could be farther from the truth. First of all..Atheism is not a religion and in fact represents the lack of any belief regarding religion whatsoever. Whereas Satanism is first and for most the belief in something (Satan) and devoting yourself to it. Atheism has no deity seeing as it represents the LACK of beliefs,we have nothing we worship. Therefore rendering that argument invalid. And on the other side religion is often considered peaceful. What a joke...more people have been killed in the name of a God than any other reason. But however Atheist people have also been involved and caused many wars as well. As I said no matter what we choose to belong to we are still all different..Religion is not peaceful, anything but in most cases. Not all religion is pacifist oriented. In fact as I've said before regardless if it is/was implemented in the religion does NOT mean the followers abide to the rule. But as I've said the main cause of wars (and most fights in general) is over wanting more possession of something or difference.(And sometimes just sheer biased hatred.) Difference can mean anything, not just a difference in religion. (However that is what I'm talking about in this particular article.) But obviously both Atheism and religion are equally as responsible for this present Hell on earth.

Now we've touched on the impact of both sides, allow me to address something we can all relate to...both sides are equally as pestering to me. Often the religious people preach at you and lecture you endlessly basically stating how you're a failure in their God's eyes. (Now I know not ALL religious people do this but a fact is very many do) Religious people often shove their beliefs down your throat in a overbearing assertive fashion. This is very very annoying. VERY. BUT a lot of Atheists (NOT all) also shove down the mentality of disbelief down your throat. (Rest assured I'm not one of them). Both make me want to kill either person to be perfectly honest. No one likes that. Fact. No one likes someone pointing their finger at them telling them they're wrong in their lifestyle. No one. That's one of the main causes of Atheism I'm sure. The fact is both sides think they are right. Now you could argue they don't think they are but the fact is they do or else they wouldn't choose to label themselves as what they do and live they way they do. I'll be the first to admit I think I'm right in my lifestyle. We all do or else most likely we would change it. Correct? I however believe in free thought in the sense that I believe we should have the choice to believe, devote or not. Which does not MEAN I'm saying all religion is idiotic and wrong and that Atheism is logical and correct. What I'm saying is we should all be free from judgment from both sides alas that will never happen but one can dream...Atheists should not shove their disbelief down others throat. Religious people should not shove their beliefs down others throat. End of story. And to my religious comrades please allow us to rot in your hell if we so choose to. It should be none of your concern. To the Atheists leave people to live as they please dammit. If they're more comfortable living as they are then so be it.

Now it would take too long to address each religion separately seeing as there's 1000s. (Counting the nonexistent ones) And frankly, at the time of me writing this it's 1 AM on a Saturday, it's been a long week and I just don't want to do it right now. However all religion is the same in the sense that it all represents a devotion to SOMETHING. all comes down to being able to think for yourself. Some people can't, it's just a fact. There's ignoramuses on both sides. Some people just apparently need guidance on how to live. I for one never did but I'm not everyone. A common thing in religion is not thinking for yourself because think about it most religion has it's own book of restrictions and laws crafted by the superior. How is that open minded thought? I'm not putting them down. Facts cannot be considered as insults. Only the fool would believe so. In most religion there is a group of things you're never supposed to do. Correct me if I'm wrong..? And a group of things you either HAVE to do or it is strongly advised. correct if I'm wrong..? That's not freedom, not by definition it is isn't. Right? However as I've stated there is also a lot of moronic Atheists who believe free will is to abused. Just as it is abused by religious people. Both guilty of it.

My religious friends allow me to shed some light as to why Atheists may be Atheists. Some Atheists just like the idea of being original , are too feeble minded to even formulate an opinion and are just in general ignorant. There's some Atheists that took a look at the world. All of this turmoil,pain and ****** and said to themselves 'Something's wrong here" "Why aren't any of these Gods fixing this?" Then there's the Atheist which happens to be my case that is the mainstream rebel. I embody insubordination and heterodoxy but I have many reasons I don't like religion, if you truly want to know just ask. Then there's the Atheists that choose to go the scientific route that believe there is no way to prove or disprove any God or anything affiliated with religion.

Now I don't even know what the hell I am in society. Atheism is I've said is the disbelief of any superior being. (Gods etc.) but I however do believe in God. I just simply choose to deny him and o not live for anyone but myself. Now whatever label there is for that please enlighten me on it.

Overall I feel both sides have good attributes but both sides are equally guilty of asininity. The main reason I choose not to be religious is because it saves useless heated arguments and biased judgments (somewhat). I can't stand when people fight over religion. Frankly, I don't give a **** most of the time nor do I care if I'm living the "right" lifestyle. And lastly I feel life is too short to worry about being a people pleaser or worry about living according to anything. God included. Main things people must learn: kindness, empathy, compassion. Try your hardest not to abuse and or kill anyone and try to make the most of life. The rest of it I really don't care about to be honest...All of these customs, rituals, of conduct. I really don't care about any of it. But that's just my view...Find what fits for you..this is what fits for me, I prefer life this way.

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Here’s why the materialist, naturalistic, agnostic, atheistic view of the world is wholly illogical, irrational and unenlightened:

(1) Everything that exists has an objective explanation of its existence, either in the necessity of its own nature or in an external cause.
(A) If atheism is true, the universe has no objective explanation of its existence.
(B) If the universe has an objective explanation of its existence then atheism is false.

(2) The universe exists.
(3) The space-time universe does not exist out of the necessity of it’s own nature for it did not exist until 13.70 billion years ago.
(4) Therefore, the space-time universe exists because of an external cause.

(5) The external cause of the universe must necessarily be a transcendent, beginningless, spaceless, immaterial, timeless, unchanging, omnipotent and personal being.
(6) A transcendent, beginningless, spaceless, immaterial, timeless, unchanging, omnipotent and personal being is the definition of God.
(7) Therefore, the objective explanation of the universe's existence is God.