"you Are Something Else"

"You are something else", "You are something else". That's all I've ever ******* been..something else..to everybody man..parents..friends..siblings..family...girlfriends..every ******* person. I've heard it from all of them. The **** does that mean? "You are something else" . I venture to guess that is used when someone doesn't want to cuss you out but they still want to beat your *** but just don't feel like acting on either. I guess it's a compliment...they could say "You are like everyone else." Sounds pretty derogatory to me. Nobody wants to be dull. Right? First time you ever hear it is from your mother,cause you know a father's threat is more explicit. Mother's threats are assertive and sometimes explicit. But fathers usually..there isn't any like prior threat. I've never heard a father say "You are something else". Mothers reprimand you, question you then kick your ***. Not fathers..fathers question you then beat your ***. Not very much reprimanding verbally. But first time you usually hear "You are something else" is when you disrespect your parents. I did that a lot..I was very consistently something else,in fact I was very rarely me! Holy ****! I was someone else about I don't know ****..182.5 days of the year. I've never done well with restriction or regulation. Even as a kid I knew my boundaries..but didn't give a ****. I always want to ask them what the **** am I? Can you be a little more descriptive?! Elaborate, you ******* illiterate *****! It would be so much easier for me if you would just say "You are an *******" or "You are a *****". When you say "You are something else" I don't know what the **** I am!
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Dec 3, 2012