The Idiocy Of Profanity Restriction With Children

It's interesting to me how in most households you're not allowed to swear. Mine included, I couldn't say anything.. Ha..when they were around "Ugh..fine". When they weren't.."Ah **** no! **** this *******..*************..ah ****..who the **** does this *****...?" And you see there's literally studies that show that show swearing relives a lot of stress. When you stub your toe what are you supposed to say? No one on earth can keep it clean. They can only be silent. The first thing that comes to my mind is "****". Of course I couldn't say that around my predominantly religious family. After all swearing is a sign of Satan. To this day I could describe the inside of my head from rolling my eyes so consistently.

But what's interesting to me is how they are restricted. From let's say about 5 (first time I ever used profanity, and it was in fact the big F) to 14 you can't swear at all. Maybe at 12 you could say Hell..MAYBE. You might be able to slip damn in at 13 or so. I don't know...I have a mother that when my 18 year old cousin used "damn" she claimed she was too young. I suppose it depends on the idiocy of the parent or guardian.

Speaking of parenting, if I'm ever a parent I will give my children free reign on speech. I will not care one ******* bit. **** it up kids! Fuckity,fuckity,fuckity,****! And to assure they have the freedom I never had I will not have children with an overly uptight ****. Something people fail to ponder is reverse psychology. Tell a human NOT to do something and they will undoubtedly do it or crave it. So maybe if you tell your kids to swear like a sailor they will either not do it or get bored with it very quickly. After all things are only fun when you're told not to do so.

So it'd be safe to say at 16 is the first time you're probably going to be allowed to swear..somewhat. Because there's a few words you're expected never to use. Very taboo, considered so foul they are indescribably offensive to many. These words being "****", "****", "************", "**********", and sometimes "*****" or "******". Only the evil use these after all. *cough* asinine *cough*. So basically the use of profanity is reserved as an adult freedom. It's almost considered ******* illegal to use it heavily before 18! Such asininity. You get to smoke, drink, hit the bong,watch **** and swear! of these things doesn't belong, yes? I don't know about you but I watched *********** at about 12. All the other **** I've never done because I want to live as long as possible.

But here's my method, bear with me. First time a child is potty trained let them say **** and ****. That's what it is,right? Why once they've preformed the act prevent them from describing it? After the birds and the bees speech let them use "****". First time they see themselves naked let them use "****" and "balls" or "*****" and "****". Give them away as freedoms with the corresponding experience. Ha..they're going to find out about them sooner or later. Better to have a little fun is my motto for the inevitable outcomes.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

' **** ' is also used as a term of endearment in the UK. ;)

It's's all to do with the inflection and context.... you surely have equivalents over there ?

you will allow your children to swear?! bad birdy!