Fact Of Life

There's a few widely known facts of life. Those being we all die, we need water to survive and politicians are full of ****. One hidden fact however is this. It is physically impossible to beat a woman in an argument. Can't be done. Simply cannot ******* be done. **** the cliche "never say never", I'm ******* saying never. N-E-V-E-R. You'll never see hear of it and damn sure will never ******* see it. I'm not saying women don't or can't apologize, don't misinterpret. I'm saying you can't ******* beat a ******* woman in an argument. It's just impossible. For several reasons...because you see men are very obsolete compared to women in terms of arguments. We have this utterly asinine preference in arguments which is to think and act logically! And you see they think we're crazy and I think they're ******* insane. That's all the world is based on,misinterpretations. Any ************ different is bastardized for being so. Misinterpretations and ignorant, ******* ignorant animosity. ******* misguided anger. That's all the **** is. You will never, ever,EVER,EVER,******* EVER beat a woman in an argument. The sooner you accept that the better off you'll be. Because we all know it, we just prefer to believe it's a generalization about women. Men and women both know it's impossible to beat a woman in an argument. Women know, women know. They have this ******* confidence in any ******* argument. Because they know depending on what they do they can ******* dominate men,get away with any ******* thing, say whatever the **** they want.. Men know, men know because any time men live or interact daily with women it becomes explicitly evident. Don't even have be in a ******* relationship..your ******* sister,mother,grandmother,aunt. ******* female friends can't be beaten. Irrelevant. If it's female...**** it, don't try. You'll never win, never ******* win. Women don't allow it. Even if you *******..take every little ******* detail..just accumulate all the ******* evidence..you get the **** down to a ******* science. You got it so well thought out you could ******* testify **** in court. You think you have every ******* thing needed to prove to this ***** she is ******* wrong...doesn't ******* matter. Trust me I've ******* tried. Tried with every different ******* way to acquaint yourself with women. From my mother to girlfriends, doesn't ******* matter. Does not ******* matter. You'll never ******* win, ever. And if you do so happen to sort of win which you can only do if she lets you. It aint free. It aint ******* free. You'll ******* pay for it. She will tax you in some form. Can't win, any man will testify to this ****. Women are powerful in arguments, man. They got it down to a ******* science. And they aint even gotta learn ****. It's just in the D.N.A. Women don't give a **** in an argument. Don't give a ****...Depending on how bad you pissed the ***** off...Jesus..they'll ******* say anything..they don't give a ****. Some of them practice consistently and gather ******* ammunition. Man...women keep **** harbored just to ******* use in arguments. Pac ******* preached it! "FORGIVE but DON'T FORGET." Women will forgive you but they will NEVER forget what you did. Any **** up will be used in argument at some point. Don't give a ****...Old ****. They bring up ancient ****. ****, I don't remember half my life. Like I'm gonna keep some **** to use. I live in the present, ************! That's why men are obsolete in arguments. Never win, never ******* win. Can't do that ****. It's a ******* fact of life...Don't even try. Don't believe me? Go argue with a woman. If you win. ****..you deserve sexual paradise...****..go get yourself a hand job and a blow job. You ******* earned it. Did the impossible..Don't even try, logic no logic..irrelevant ..meaningless..if you can prove her wrong..you're still ******* wrong,you'll never win in an argument against a woman. Never.
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Dec 9, 2012