Everybody always on this ************* "different" kick, ever notice that? Like they got some **** nobody else has. Shut up, **** you. No, no. Every talent you have many many others have and even if they don't, you can be imitated and mimicked. Everybody on this ******' "I'm special" ****....no, no. Now this was a thought I had the other day, hear me out. How in the **** can originality exist? How can anyone have rights to a concept? How? Think about this, suppose you thought of some **** that you feel is your own original, never before thought of idea, well...who's to say it is? Perhaps a ************ already thought of that **** but just didn't say it in front of some other ************* that could give the ****** rights to the ****. Who's **** is it? Everyone's...I feel...thought is a never ending, revolving process. We all borrow from each other, called inspiration...I think what truly makes you special is realizing you're NOT.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Yes! I agree completely! Nothing is ever new, or special! AM I SPESHUL NOW? xP