This is the time you're SUPPOSED to screw up and slack off! **** the future, man. It's is. You have free will, why? Adults EXPECT you to screw up. So...? Exactly, do whatever you want. It's a great time to be alive. That's why when I see these prissy ******* and faggoty ***** goody,two shoe straight A students, honor roll...virgins...non addicts I shake my head. Why? They're wasting their youth! There's plenty of time for purity in adult hood (if you're going to do it in the first place). I'd rather (and have) lead a hard interesting life than an easy but boring one. I have a whole bunch..."and they almost caught me" stories. If you don't make numerous mistakes as a teenager you will have no stories to tell in adult hood! No one wants you to hear some ****** go on about his grades, perfect job, life...NO. A story...the best one is juicy and vile. "And to this day...." That's a good story. No one gives a **** about your achievements but I will listen to you talk about your mistakes ALL. DAY. Long. Yes. You're damn right. You know I am right.
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Jan 22, 2013