Literally ...

Yes, this is true. In a literal sense I am no good with men at all.  In fact given the opportunity (and the right man of course) I am totally bad.  Which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. 

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Being a bad girl is vastly underrated. "Naughty" can be a huge compliment! --DW

I do love a good girl who is bad lol

The way to go sweet lady X X X

And we all want you to be bad with us


You nailed it, WIB.

Let us drink to girls who are good at being bad ;-)

Cheers Rubies!!

*clinks glass* (of fancy, classy wine, of course) ^-^

naturally! **clink**

That sounds perfect to me ;)

thank you Charlie ... nice to see a sensible comment ... things are getting out of hand elsewhere!! lol

Can't have things getting out of hand! Keep a firm grip. ;)

I try Charlie ... ;)

Oh me likey good bad WIB. ;o)


There was an actress way back in the day who said...."When I'm good I'm good but when I'm bad I'm BETTER!" Mae West was her name and that woman totally nailed it with that saying....

Keep that bad side of yours shining with happy badness always!!

She said many things ... "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." She knew what she was talking about!

And the man you are bad with is extraordinarily fortunate.

Thank you Stoner, you're a gent and a sweetheart as always! mwah!