2 years. We were best friends for 2 years. We helped each other through alot. She shared soo many secrets and so did I. But all I had to do, was just make 1 slip up, by saying I love her, to cause her to split from me. And say we cant be friends anymore. I tried explaining it properly, but she just wont listen. Its not easy to live without her, but Im surviving.
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i was in love with this girl her name was lets just say tenma i had was friends with her for about six years and she was just leading me on saying that she liked me and stuff so when i graduated high school i moved for three months and i came back for her but when i came back she had already started a family and now she hates me a lot i do not love her but i do miss the feeling of love and now she has a husband and a kid on the way and she dichted me for my best friend we will just call him hanai so now they both hate me my life is in a emotional dump right now

Well, that's sad. I feel for you. It's cruel but life happens.

I have known this beautiful chick 4 years And wanted to b with her . She was always friendly an a awesome person to me but i didn't look at it as she liked me because ov how much ov a beautiful person she was. I didn't c her 4a couple ov years She had been with a bloke that is all about how much money he earns and wat he had .she had just had a baby to him 3 months b4 an was lookin as beautiful as ever i went back to hers to have drinks with them. She took me out side an had a little talk she told me how she used to like me a lot an I told her that I felt the same . Then from that night she rang me every mornin about 530 we he left 4 work she invited me there every day 4 tea . He would get home about 730 if he wasn't doin fifo 3-4 week away an didn't care that I was there and staying there every night we done every thing together 4about 3 year . In the last year an a half we got really close we would cuddle an kiss each others neck sexually then one might she wanted me to **** her and didnt wanna take no as the answer .it was so hard to say no because I didn't want to hurt her or lose her as my best friend . She was one ov the prettiest , sexy chicks I'd Eva met . But I couldn't
Resist wat I had been dreaming out 4 years . I wish I never did , not that it wasn't great 4 the months we were close . But now I hardly ever c her. She talked to me about wen they brske up we would be to gether now we r hardly friends . An I'm still in love with her an miss the awesome friend I had

Wow, uh, not exactly what happened to me but hey, quite similar. Thanks. Things like this happen and we just need to move on.