It Hurts

It hurts so much that even the memories turn ugly. Losing that one person who said they'd be your bestfriend forever. Knowing you were once their first choice and now your probably the last. I never want to let myself hurt like that again, it's mental suicide and I won't put myself in that position.
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

I am no longer friends with what i thought to be my best friend what a joke! ! havent talked in a month now and how glad i am! ! had to step back to REALLY see how she was a terrible mother a mooch a user someone who NEVER did anything unless she got something out of it huge USER ! ! my boyfriend helped me realize it thank God! i am so glad i am spending time with a better class of people! please dont make the same mistake i did !


hey gorgeous :) just let me say that you are beautiful alright? to let someone in so deep is amazing and your ability to trust is humbling :) im so glad people like you exist:) did your bestfriend give you amazing memories? then cherish those and be thankful that you made those memories - they are things for you to hold onto. i know it hurts sweetie :( but doesn't this mean an opportunity to give great memories to someone else? doesn't this mean you now can love others even more because you know how much it hurts and doesnt this mean you are know an improved person? you have been dealt this hand (i think thats how you use that phrase haha ) and now you have been given an amazing opportunity to make yourself even stronger! don't let that one experience isolate you from making more great friends sweetheart! think of it as a good experience to use and learn from so that you can help others when they go through the same thing!

if you want to talk just message me :)

god bless!