My Bestfriend Turn To Stranger

Me and my bestfriend had known each other since we started working together. The day I started making friend with her, is when I was at her house celebrating our friend birthday. Even if we were age different and I am older then her, that doesn't mean we can't be friends. We were so close at work. I remember the 1st time I share my deep secret with her. And the time when we talk on the phone till 5 in morning. There was a incident when I got mad at her, and hurt her feeling till she doesn't want to talk to me and started ignoring me at work. But some of our friends notice that there was smthg going on with us and wanted to help to get us back together as friend. So that night she call me and I started apologise to her for hurting, then we are back to being friend. I'm gonna skip to why we are not friends anymore. This was the 2nd incident. I guess I was foolish to acted this way. 1 time I texted her a long text message but didnt get a reply so I thought she was ignoring me or smthg or maybe there was smthg ive have done. So I started thinking negative till I started ignoring her at work. For almost a year I guess, we are like a total stranger. Then I wanted to quit my job since I have no interest, maybe but I quit bcoz I wanted to continue in my studies. So during the last day of work I went up to her and say to her I was sorry and hope she will forgive me. So she did forgive but I don't think she want me in her life so we ended our friendship just like that. After a year had past I still remember her and all the memories we had. And I did cry bcoz I lose a friend that I thought would last forever. I guess forever was lie when we say "friends forever" so, I try and move on with my friend and try not remember the mistake I've made in the past. After the incident hppn between me and my bestfriend I don't want to have a bestfriend. Coz I'm scared it will ended like this. So that's my story.
Secretdiary92 Secretdiary92
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013