My old best friends name was sabrina. She was stolen away from me. We used to be inseperable. We had the best times together. About two months ago, her parents had to go away for the weekend so they told sabrina to go to her cousin samantha's, house. Samantha was going to her friend, Noah's, house that day. They came to the conclusion that sabrina would just go with samantha to noah's. noah was having close to 12 people over that day. sabrina hung out with all of them and they had a ton of fun. She started to become extremely close with all of them. we began to drift apart. but after a little we got really close again. then i began hanging out with her friends that were at noahs house. she confronted me one day and told me, i dont like you being friends with my friends. i questioned why and she told me that she felt like i was stealing her friends away from her. i said i wasnt ever going to be as close to them as she was. and it really hurt me that she didnt care that they were getting close to me because after all, i was her best friend and was closer to her than they were. a few weeks later of ups and downs in our friendship she came up to me and told me she didnt want to be my best friend anymore. i found it heart braking and ironic that she told me that she felt i was stealing her friends away when they stole sabrina away from me. i dont know what to do now.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

Find another friend, she isn't worth it.