And My Life Definitely Ain't No Fairy Tale........

~ But there are a lot of things that I love about myself & my life. I may not have a "Prince Charming" & I may not ever find him but that's ok. I can live with my life the way it is & be quite content. I love living where I live. I adore that I can look out onto my back field & see deer grazing on my land. I love my house, even if it is lopsided a little. Mahahaha! I even don't mind the lack of water at times. My life is good. Momma & I are getting by, we have animals that we love & that love us back. I have friends on EP who support me & love me, as I do for them when needed. ~
~ I'm the type of woman who will stand up for a friend if I think they're being judged harshly, or without merit. I will however, state my feelings & then move on. I will NOT get down in the mud with you & wallow in it. You want to continue to ***** & complain, go for it..... I really don't care. I'm no princess.......but I'm learning that I'm not a pushover anymore either! ~

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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

:) u r definetely a princess to me