From Every Mountaintop Let Orgasmic Screams Ring

Yes you damn sure heard me right!! I will never smother a woman screaming during my minstrations nor will I tell her to hush. In fact if anything, I will encourage her to scream LOUDER than fans during the Stanley Cup playoffs or even during the Superbowl. No, I don't care if you hear me and her - because you'll be sitting there jealous as all hell at the fact that I can make her hit notes usually reserved for Pavarotti and company. I never understand the men who ***** about this, don't you want to know what a damn F***ing good job you are doing? Don't you want to swagger out that door and scream yourself to the world about how you made her forget her first experience, her second and every one that followed in succession? You can tell me I'm a fool if you like but the bottom line remains that rest assured I may not be the first lover a woman has had BUT you can make DAMN sure my name will be somewhere near the top of her most memorable, enjoyable, fun and intense lovers she has ever and I mean EVER HAD.
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8 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Legacy- I agree when you are with someone that may be less experienced, more experienced or have had partners that literally made them feel as if everything they are doing is wrong... it takes a certain kind of lover, to tap into getting past all the hang ups etc to really allow themselves and their partner to truly let go and enjoy the experience

Just never thought of it that way.... I think it takes a special man to have a woman forget her previous lovers. a connection that transcends sex .... but the thought of having one lover make you forget all the others before him is a wonderful thing :)

I like your thought on this .. and the fact you can make a woman forget all who came before you :)

Being louder the better,!!!:)

helll yeazzzz i dont care if you want to hear me if you can make me break the sound barrier then you get a mind blowing treat *hint hint*


I am pretty uninhibited about being vocal. I agree with the writer, if I am being pleased I let it be known:)

Ha ha... yes indeed! One would think that lovers would be a bit prouder of their techniques, wouldn't you.