A Bittersweet Story.

The first time me and my current boyfriend made love in his student flat when we got together,I managed to climax so loudly that his housemates heard (yes-it was that good). He then became known as the house stud.

Now our relationship has taken a bit of a downturn,and I don't climax as much as a result-and even then I have to be silent if we end up making love in my own flat at university.

It was Valentine's Day yesterday,and a new girl has moved in next door to me (a friend of my flatmates). We were in the middle of making love to each other,and suddenly I heard this banging on the wall from that room and we stopped. It was disconcerting,and frankly very selfish. Admittedly it was late at night,but I wanted to share that special time with my boyfriend-and not have that selfish cow wreck it. When I brought it up today-they just sniggered. Well next time-I'll make all the noise that I want,and they can get lost.

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9 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Congratulations I love it when my wife cries out from pleasure.

You put a smile on my face too! Like Pavarotti - I will thinking about that for days!

Journeyman,that's just genius! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

Yes,precisely. :)

The funny thing of it as well is that his friend who he lives next door to was reading a poetry book from his English degree while we were getting down to it in our room one time-and he told me last week that he could hear the bed creaking. I was blushing like hell,but his friend said that it was nothing bad.

Hahaha-might just do that,but it might make him bolt-lol.

Try out the Meg Ryan scene from "When Harry Met Sally" lol

Didi-Thanks for that!<br />
<br />
Marie-my exact sentiment.

I would sit there screaming my head off, even if I wasnt having sex lol