The only person who can determine what labels and identities are valid and applicable to you is yourself. Don't ever let someone try to question or erase your identity. You deserve better.
InhuldibleCrelk InhuldibleCrelk
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

I agree and well said. I do my best not to assign labels to people even though sometimes its really hard not to. Being raised in a binary world it is a challenge to be gender neutral. But today I think I scored some points: a customer came through my line who is transgender. I noticed that her ID showed her "male identity". So for the duration of the transaction I treated her as female and she thanked me for my respect. It felt good to be that person to show a stranger the respect they probably never get. I know it's "binary" but when we get out of that box, we can see how people want to be recognized.

It's good to see someone care so much. You restore my faith in humanity.