Until You Have Walked In My Shoes...neighbor Then Shut The **** Up !!!!

how dare you cast the stone upon me..you will never know how ..where .. or why i am like i am..i have worked for everything i have..never taken anything from anyone..Never had anything handed to me..always tried to give back when i could..because i am not like you ..nose in the air..dress up to par..and shun or belittle others you call and trash on me..HOW DARE YOU!!!!! Walk up to my door and talk your ****..WHO THE **** ARE YOU !!!!   you think you can look at me from head to toe and decide where i fit in this society..how i fall into a special class whether it be well enough to stand on the same side of the street as you ..HOW DARE YOU !!!! everyone is EQUAL !!! I do not care who you are..how much money you have..you wake up everyday like me and **** and ****..you get dressed and maybe have coffee..BUT you do ****..if you do not something is wrong...so we are the same....GO HOME and wallow in your self pity and have a good night...stay off my LAWN !!!!!!!
dreamcatcher60foru dreamcatcher60foru
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

wow...someone did **** you off bad...maybe they are not worth it...