COLOR of Love

I am a white woman that is married to a black man. This is not the first interracial relationship I have been involved in. I have never had an intimate relationship with a white man. When I was growing up I had to deal with my family and friends not understanding my choice for relationships ( I grew up in a small southern town). Growing up, I was afraid of white men and did not like anyone touching me. As I got older, I found out I was sexually molested when I was three by the son of my babysitter (he was sixteen and white). My parents never did anything about it as far as pressing charges. They just wanted to sweep it under the rug. I started having flashbacks of the molestation when I became sexually active.
    I am so angry that the boy was never punished and now has children of his own and paranoid that my children will be molested. This experience has caused me not to judge other relationships as far as color of skin or sexual orientation. Dealing with the problems that could exist with an interracial relationship has made me realize that you cannot help who you are attracted to and love.
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I can't exactly sympathize with you, because I've never been through that sort of thing, but I won't ever judge you :) I believe that love is color-blind :D