Judge Not Less Ye Be Judged!

That is what I always say.

I have witnessed some of the most critical people in my life, mostly my family. My mother and my brother both are the most critical people I may ever know, and I think their critical nature has really taught me more then anything how NOT to be!!

They criticize yet were unable to see the things they had fault in their own life.

Don't get me wrong being critical is one thing every one of us can struggle with every single day, and many times through the day I will catch myself beginning to be critical in one thing or another, how someone dresses, what someone chooses to do or be in their life, the list is never ending, but we are shown this so much, how can we not be? After all look at how the presidential debate goes, talk about making judgements, it is all around us, but if we catch ourselves a little more, then we can begin to realize everyone has their own path and everything happens for a reason, when that happens the judgements lessen naturally.

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2 Responses Nov 29, 2008

Thanks Mental Wealth.. This is basically my point is that even though we live in a judgmental world, the change happens in the mirror.

I have found that by using the mistakes or choices of our loved ones as a what-not-to-do guide sometimes we can almost benefit from these experiences. On the other hand there are parts of me that have been em<x>bedded in my psyche due to certain behaviors and habits of my immediate family growing up! As you said, we can only consciously try to correct ourselves from these behaviors in an effort to grow. I can appreciate your experience.