We're All Connected As One!

Though their are many things in which i would like to say about humanities journey as a whole. Right now i must focus on explaining why Im nonjudgmental about the journey of others now. Well, for me, it took for me to first acknowledge my own character defaults. This has been an ongoing journey for me. It has been alot of sorrow and pain. Instead of directing my energy of trying to find fault, instead, its directed more so towards being receptive when others speak. From our own various life times of conditioning. We dont realize how profoundly that we're affected from then into the "Here and Now." However, its not my intentions on getting into any complexity of subject matter. My intentions is to stay practical and on point with "Why Iam Nonjudgmental about the journey of others" Why, is because, due to the pain and suffering in which i've been going through for over the past year. Its really making me observe myself with deep attention towards my own defaults. The universe is set up in vast cycles. And throughout these cycles, we all are giving the opportunity to be faced with each of our character challenges in many ways. Many times, due to our own false personas,false identities,false egos,etc; In which keeps us constantly conditioned; As a result, we alot of times miss out on learning the lessons in which we was suppose to learn. We literally are each others reflection in the mirror in various facets of being. But because we are so conditioned to think that we are separate from one another. That kind of mentality keeps us in a judgmental way of thinking. But when we truly want to escape from our own prison on the mind. Then we start to let go of our psychological conditioning of various kind. And it can be very challenging! Because we've held onto our attachments for so long. Iam still growing. Iam still letting go of the conditions in which've caused me to miss out on some very rare blessings in my life. Due to our own self. We often times have to go through various trials and tribulations in order to see ourself more clearly. Its like taming ourself from falling over and over into a habit in which is being extremely hard for us to break. Although we must simply radically change instead of trying to tame ourself from not doing something. Because its about seeing how the observer and the observed are directly linked. We must first look within ourselves and see our own shortcomings. In order to become outwardly compassionate and humble towards listening to others. Its not something that requires trying to tame. Its more so about identifying with a natural state of being instead of any sort of forced effort.
As we become nonjudgmental; It allows us to be compassionate, as well as, open to all sorts of learning possibilities. Because sometimes, we dont know who was sent our way by the Heavens. Example: Manytimes, we put out some form of prayer to the universe. Then we go on about our daily life with either forgetting about the prayer that we put out, or losing faith that the prayer that we put out will not get answered. Well, the truth of the matter is: Although prayers don't always get answered within the time period that we would like it to. It still doesnt stop the fact that they get answered in their own cycle of time. So when they do, its in a moment in which we least expect. Its when our daily mindset is at rest, "Meaning at peace" When we are not cluttered with all sorts of things going on within. Then, is when opportunity comes in the most unexpected ways. One of the examples that Im trying to make is: Lets say that, We've been praying for a long time with wanting to find a good reasonable mechanic who fixes cars. Well, we're walking down the street and a person that we might view as homeless is walking towards us. But if we are conditioned to be judgmental even before the person gets near us. Then we'll already potentially have our pre-thought out ways of telling that person that we dont've any money. So if we're judgmental, we might respond by saying "we dont've any money" before we could even see if the person was going to ask for money in the first place. Because, appearances sometimes can be deceiving." And the person that we thought was homeless looks that way because he just got through working on a car. But that person didnt find that out until after they made their pre-conditioned assumption; from saying before he could even get close to them. That they dont've any money to give. Then that other person in disguise says " Sir, i wasnt trying to beg for any money, I was just seeking work as a mechanic." So here is a small example out of a million other ones towards how we can miss out on our own prayers finally getting answered. That person just happened to be a master mechanic who in which was going through some financial crisis in his own life. So he was wanting to live and let live. His labor work was half the price in which other mechanics would've charged. Now, the unfortunate thing from judgment is: We oftentimes miss out on opportunites in which comes our way because of our own judgments. And alot of times,this is how we're not able to see that our prayers was trying to get answered. But, we blocked the blessing from being fulfilled. This example is not the only reason why we shouldn't be judgmental. Why we shouldn't is because of various important reasons! Another reason is: Because we're all connected in ways in which many of us dont yet understand as a whole. We must remain nonjudgmental towards one another in order to learn and grow. We must remain nonjudgmental in order to come into universal principles and laws. We must remain nonjudgmental in order to work out our own accumulated karma. The more and more that we become nonjudgmental, the easier it is for the Heavens to work on our behalf. So the things in which Iam going through in my own life. Its really a wake up call for me. Iam working on becoming more and more nonjudgmental everyday. One of my greatest weaknesses has been me not growing into naturally being humble in my daily walk and talk. But from seeing just how much my actions has affected me. Its making me change. We all must understand that, "However we are" it all comes back to us as a reflection. We've all been judgmental towards others at some point. So when it comes back to us, we must let go and realize the connection. "As a Man Thinketh in His Heart, So is He" Our own Cause n Effect stares us back in the face. So we must learn to let go of our judgments in order to clearly see things for what they're. I Sincerily want
to become the instrument in which the Creator can rightfully work through. And Im sure that many of you want the same. But i must continue to let go of my conditioning in order for that to happen.

P.S. Iam sorry for writing so long. I've alot of work to do on myself. But i hope that within this long story that someone will take it to Heart!

Also, Please keep positive prayers my way. Although I know that we can go within ourselves. However, being that we're all energy and all connected.
It makes me never to proud to ask others to send positive light my way. Because all sincere focus helps.

Thank You!
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So many times people fail to realise their prayers are answered.It remeinds me of the story where there was a bad flood and a man was stranded on top of a building.He believed firmly God would save him.When a helicopter came along he refused to climb up onto it saying no God will save me.When a boat came along he did the same thing saying no God will save me.of course the waters rose and he drowned.When he got to heaven he asked God "Why didnt you save me?"God replied "I sent you a boat and a helicopter,what more did you want?"<br />
In our lifetimes we miss so many chances God gives us simply because we expect something bigger and better to happen.So make the most of every gift sent your way cause You never know who sends it.