Family Moved Out

My grandmother informed me the other day that she moved out of my house because I no longer belived the way she does about religion. She left my stable home to go live with her crack head son. Good move granny.
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3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

That crack head, is a being in trouble! just at the level of possibility your Gran may have other motivation! I agree with you that religion is a curse! that does not teach what Jesus taught!<br />
Religion rules by introducing fear and guilt, and prevents people finding heaven!

Yes, she moved out and told me recently that my religious beliefs or lack thereof was one of the reasons. You see, we were taught in church that if you were around "sinners" often when their wrath comes and you are among them you too will reap their wrath. With that in mind and heart granny took up camp and moved out. I asked her if her life was any better living with her crack head sons. She said that was different. What ever.....

Wow- and where could you always find Jesus
when He was on Earth? Hanging around with SINNERS! Your Gram should have love you more and understood your questioning of God. Let me tell you...go ahead and question! God &amp; Jesus are big and strong enough to stand up to ANY questions you may have. When Jesus comes back know where I want Him to find me? In church? NO. I want to BE WHERE HE WAS, with my sinner friends telling them about HIM! Wish you were my sister, (which you are). I like for people to ask me questions about God &amp; Jesus. I'm not brilliant but I have known them for many years, so am able to explain some things people wonder about God and His Son. Sounds like your Gram is upset with you because you made a decision of your very own which is not exactly like hers! Hang in there- she will be back!

Thanks for the comment. I really was hurt by what she had to say. I too have become spiritual. I do not want to live in the boxed in critical standards of religion.