10 nations in Bible are aligned and ready

About a week ago, I had a intense dream that I was in a car with I think it was my mom and sister. They were in the front and I was in the back on the passenger side. The car drove up to two men and I knew it was kind of like a check point that we had to go through them in order to try and keep going. The men said through the window, "we want you to believe in Jesus." I knew it wasnt right because these were Muslin men. Why would they want us to belive in Jesus when they dont? Then the man on the left held a sword that had a small cluster of grapes on the end of it. The first person in the driver seat bit off a grape with her mouth off the end of the sword. The second person in the passenger seat bit off a grape from the end of the sword. Then the man stuck the sword to the back so I could eat a grape off the end of the sword. All I saw was the tip of a sword coming at me so I carefully ate a grape off the tip of the sword. Instantley, the man holding the sword said, " BEHEAD HER!!!" He didnt yell it, he said it as if I mattered nothing and it was no sweat off their back to just chop my head off. Like I was nothing, worthtless. Now at this point Im thinking over and over in my head, it only hurts for a second. It only hurts for a second,. over and over i was saying this to myself. (After I finish this dream, I will give another one that explains where the thought it only hurts for a minute entered my mind). So the man standing to the right looked at the man who said behead her. Then the man holding the sword looked down at the grape cluster hanging on the end of the sword and said a little sternly, "look, there are 10 seeds in this grape, and ten in this one and ten in this one and ten in this one. As he was saying this, he was pointing to different grapes on the cluster. Then I woke up. When I woke up, I realized its time to prepare. Its time to stand firm in what we believe and be unshakable. Dont ever deny Jesus because your scared of death or pain because it only lasts for a second compared to being able to have eternal life with God the father and Jesus. I have to say that was the most intense dream that God has given me so far.

Now the reason I was thinking to myself it only hurts for a second is because, one night I had a dream that there was someone standing with me. I dont know who it was. I could not see them, I could only hear them. This person was showing me things. So the man took me and this is what I saw. A man was walking another man outside and holding his arm. The man walking him out had him get on his knees outside and he pulled out a sword that was red and gold. It was long. And I was like oh my gosh, hes going to behead him. And the voice of the person next to me that I couldnt see said, "it only hurts for a second." Then I woke up.
Rachael101 Rachael101
Apr 15, 2011