Im Proud.

Im Proud of who i am.. i am Norwegian from my moms side and Mexican from my dads side..

Norway has always held such an awe for me and i cannot wait to visit.

ive done much exploration within my family roots and dating them back and finding out where we originated from and our names and family lines.

the thing id like most is to learn norwegian and or have a friend that can teach me certain things about the language and grammar.
the language intrigues me so much, especially when my great aunt Stella Hage would say the lords prayer before meals.. made me want to learn so bad...shes since passed and in tribute to her id love to learn and teach my kids someday... 

if anyones interested in being a penpal through email or something let me know, id be happy and greatful.. for spanish its called spanglish when you mix spanish and english speech...i was wondering if someone could write that to me for awhile in norwegian english mix to help me learn more... i cant wait to get this going asap and have it down nicely...especially when i can afford to visit

thanks for reading!

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1 Response Jul 22, 2011

That's so cool! I'm also half Norwegian (dad's side) and half Mexican(mom's side)! I also found Norway to be a very interesting place and I hope I visit my cousins there soon.