I am Norwegian, I live in Aalesund. I'm a pretty active person. I train 2 hours a day, but mondays I train 5 hours. I'm 15, and a girl.
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I'm trying to learn bokmål by myself, if there's any Norwegian interested in language exchange (spanish/english - bokmål) hit me back!! :D PS: I know how to say Jeg heter Rafa og Jeg er fra Mexico and Jeg ikke snakke norsk

Så hyggelig å se flere fra Ålesund 😃

Imponerende... Lykke til da ;)

Takk :)

That's a beautiful picture there! What do you train for? Do you mean working out in general?

I train so I can join Norway's soccer national team.. I'm currently on their junior team :D

Congeatulations! That's quite an achievement, and good luck on accomplishing your goal! :)

Thank you :)

You are welcome. Sorry for the misspelking of "congratulations", lol.

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